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Update to Play! Pokemon Rules for Next Season

Play! Pokemon
Looks like the rules are not changing too much for next season.

Play! Pokemon has release some of the first details for the 2020-2021 Play! Pokemon season These details will go in effect as soon as the next season resumes after this current pause. There is currently no set date on when Play! Pokemon events will resume. Though, Pokemon has said that they are currently watching the COVID-19 situation and will determine when to resume based on the health and safety conditions. This will be based on health mandates, guidelines, and recommendations provided by appropriate government agencies.

Play! Pokemon events will remain suspended for the time being. These upcoming updates to rules regarding age divisions and Championship Points will be in effect assuming that play begins in the next twelve months. All of this with the overall goal to have the 2021 Pokemon World Championships in London as a four day event.

Below are the changes for the 2020-2021 Play! Pokemon season.

  • The age division for players in the 2021 season will be the same as the age division for the 2020 season
    • Junior Division: Born in 2009 or later
    • Senior Division: Born in 2005, 2006, 2007, or 2008
    • Masters Division: Born in 2004 or earlier
  • The 2021 World Championships will take place over four days, beginning on a Thursday.
  • The Championship Points (CP) that eligible players earned in 2020 will transfer in whole to the 2021 season. Players will continue to add to this total with any CP earned in the 2021 season.
  • There will be two CP qualification bars:
    • Thursday players: players who reach the qualification bar that is the same as the 2020 bar. Therefore, players who previously qualified for Worlds are still qualified for 2021.
    • Friday players: players who reach a new CP bar set in 2021 when more information is available about qualifying events. Players who hit the Friday CP bar will skip play on Thursday.
    • The number of CP for qualification will be announced at a later date.
  • Information on Best Finish Limits will be available at a later time.

These are the first details. More details to come as more information is known.

Source: Play! Pokemon

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