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URPG Times: Artist of the Month-June

URPG Times

A bit late this month but nobody knows.


Today’s Artist of the Month is Sou Cleife!

She’s recently new to URPG, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t dive right into one of the hardest (arguably) ways to capture Pokemon. With six pieces of art and successful captures, ranging from digital paintings to banners, she definitely shows off her skill!

Sou’s targets are usually cute Pokemon, which compliments the softer style of her painting and effects of her banners quite well. She has a good understanding of basic art composition, which makes her pieces seem whole and complete. Two of my favorites are for Cottonee and Litwick.

The Cottonee piece features several species of the same Pokemon–something many URPG artists don’t really attempt. The effects on the grass are also cool, showing off layering and different values to make it look realistic. The Litwick painting is fun because it does a similar thing as the first, only with the entire evolution line. It’s also neat to see Sou dropping a reference to her Skrelp piece.

We hope to see more from you soon! Props to Sou!


Go ahead and post to claim 1k, Sou!


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