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URPG Times: We’re Back!



I am here on behalf of the entire URPG. Some of you may now what the URPG is, but others might not so here’s a brief rundown of who and what we are. I’m also uncreative so here is the snippet from one of our threads.


-What is the URPG?-

This is a multifaceted game based on the Pokémon saga. You start as a Trainer with a single Pokémon, working your way to capture new friends and battle for the championship.

-Why should you join?-

Because the adventure is thrilling, the community is great, and the URPG is the longest running Pokémon RPG in existence. From battles and role plays to stories and contests, the URPG has something for everyone! Or if you would like something fresh, try out URPG’s newest section where you can capture Pokémon by drawing them! If you like Pokémon and you like to have fun, sign up today!


Sounds amazing, right? I highly suggest joining, it provides lasting friendships and is also a great learning experience. I got sucked in in 2012, and I have yet to leave. But we also have people who joined over 15 years ago still active.


So you might ask yourself “what is the URPG Times?”


The URPG Times is essentially the newspaper for the URPG. We report on important things happening to the URPG, and advice and reviews for URPG sections. It first started years ago, [Fair] of PE2K started it back in 2004. It has gone through periods of inactivity and just not existing. We are coming off of one of those periods, and are hoping we can keep it running. It used to be once every few weeks a thread would be posted with everything in it, but now that PXR has this fancy system we are trying to get as much info out as soon as possible, so each article will come out throughout the month. We have an excellent team of writers for this, so expect more articles soon.


You may have seen Monbrey’s “How Not to Battle Like an Idiot” column earlier this month, that was just one of many columns we will have.


We hope to see you soon with many more interesting articles, until next time, Soulmaster signing off.



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