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URPG Times: May Quiz!

URPG Times

Welcome readers!

Each month we have a Quiz/Trivia Game. They include 10, or sometimes more, questions for anyone to answer. Even if you are not part of the URPG you can participate! The questions will be of varying difficulty. Sadly our former person cannot do this anymore, his quizzes were brutal. So instead you have me this month.


  1. What is the final Colosseum you will encounter in Pokemon Colosseum?
  2. What Pokemon had their capture rate lowered in ORAS?
  3. What is this a picture of? (Image at bottom of post)
  4. What Gen III Villain cannot be battled in Pokemon Emerald?
  5. What was Shu’s name going to be in Pokemon Gotta Catch ‘Em All Manga?
  6. Yamask:M:Effect Spore @ Jaboca Berry vs Tranquill:F:Weak Armor @ Ring Target. Tranquill uses Aerial Ace. Yamask uses Shadow Ball. What does each end up with? Use 61, 54, 2, 29 for rolls, in that order.
  7. What was Team Ota’s last anime episode?
  8. When did Slowpoke’s Yawn end the drought in Azalea Town?
  9. How many type combinations have not been used?
  10. What kingdom focuses on Psychic Types?

Image for #3



Well that’s the May Quiz! If you want to know what the answers are, PM me, Soulmaster, with your answers on the forums. For you URPG folks, you will get $250 for each question you correctly answer!


Until next time,



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