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VIDEO: 7 Most Dangerous Pokemon GO Gyms

Dangerous Pokemon GO Gyms
Going to these Pokemon GO Gyms could kill you!

Have you gone to any Pokemon GO Gyms that seem a little unsafe? Maybe they were in a shady neighborhood? Close to a busy intersection? Well those gyms will seem safe after you watch this video from Facts Verse!

Fact Verse has a video that goes over seven of the most dangerous Pokemon GO Gyms in the world! These gyms are from all over the world and in all kinds of places. Some of them can be found in America while others may need some traveling. Though, all these gyms have one thing in common. They can put your life at risk if you try to drop off a Pokemon there. I guess a plus to having a Pokemon at these gyms would mean that you will not have to worry about somebody taking over the gym for a long time.

Watch the video below to see where and why these gyms are so dangerous.

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