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VIDEO: A Brand New(ish) Adventure

Let’s go on an adventure with a bunch of Oddish!

Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee was release last Friday and everybody is doing their own Let’s Play. So why not feature one that is just filled with all kinds of silliness and memes. That is why I am wanting to show off Alpharad’s Let’s Go Pikachu playthrough. It is just all kinds of silly.

Alpharad is hitting all the chords with his playthrough as he is learning about the World of Let’s Go. From a random girl falling from the sky named Beta. To a Odd Squad that will do his bidding. At the end of the day, Alpharad still has his buddy, Whip Master the Pikachu. Watch the hilarity as Alpharad starts his brand new(ish) adventure in Kanto!

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