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VIDEO: Evaluating the Story of Every Pokemon Game

Story of Pokemon Games
Pokemon games have story?

That may surprise most people but it is true. Pokemon games have story and sometimes they are better then others. Though, this has been something that has been developing from one Pokemon game to another.

And we have the longest video ever featured to prove it! Today we have a video from The Salt Factory to show the progression of Pokemon games. The Salt Factory goes over each main series Pokemon game and says what he likes and doesn’t like about each one. He gives a commentary of the plot as he plays though them. This turns into a three hour video but is filled with solid criticism but also plenty of praise.

This video may take three hours to watch but it is well worth it. The Salt Factory may sound as if he is being overly critical on the Pokemon games but he actually says some really good things about the Pokemon games that deserve it. If you have the time to watch this video in chunks or simply have a lot of time during a week on break then you must watch this video!

Enjoy watching!

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