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VIDEO: EVERY Steel Type Pokemon MOVE Explained!

Steel moves explain!
Time to get metal today!

Today we want to lay the knowledge smack down on you! That is why we are featuring a video from Lockstin & Gnoggin to explain Steel type moves! After all, he knows it all when it comes to Pokemon and science.

Lockstin & Gnoggin goes over all the things you need to know about the Steel type. He tells you why they are called Steel types to how their moves works. After all, not all Pokemon who can use Iron Tail have metal on them. You don’t see Pikachu covering his tail with pieces of scrap metal. So how can these Pokemon use different Steel attacks? What is the story behind Steel attacks like Doom Desire and Metal Burst? Find out the story and more behind these Steel type attacks!

Enjoy the video below! And check out the rest of Lockstin & Gnoggin’s videos by clicking here!

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