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VIDEO: FamilyJules

Family Jules
Time to rock out!

School is starting soon for most people but that doesn’t mean we can’t rock out! After all, everybody needs to jam out while they are studying and doing homework. So why not jam out with some Pokemon covers?

Today we are featuring FamilyJules who has done several video game covers. Especially when it comes to Pokemon. You may have heard some of his work if you listen to Blast Burn Radio. Currently his cover of National Park is being used for the podcast outro music as they transverse Johto.

Below is National Park cover by FamilyJules.

National Park

This cover starts off nice and relaxing. As if you are in a walk in the park. Then slowly the riffs began to tense up and go faster. It isn’t long before the cover goes full rock with each beat getting more emotional then the last. A perfect rock ballad to end a long day of traveling and battle. Perfect for an outro.

Unova Route 4

Welcome to Route 4! FamilyJules makes this already awesome song even better by going full rock! Each power cord fully pulls you into the idea of adventure within the Unova region. This may be a short cover but it is intense!

Pokémon X/Y Guitar Medley

This last one that we want to feature from FamilyJules is a compilation of different songs from Pokemon XY. You have a rock ballad for the opening theme to Snowbelle City! He covers a full range of different songs from XY in a full rock out theme!

We hope that you enjoy these awesome rock covers! If you want to check out FamilyJules’s Pokemon playlist then click here and take a listen!

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