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VIDEO: Pichu “Pokemon of the Month” (IN 17,516 DOMINOES!)

Pichu in Dominoes
The king is at it again! With Pokemon!

Have you heard of the TheDominoKing? He is a person on YouTube who does elaborate domino set ups feature video games and anime! This guy makes dominoes into a work of art! And now he is going back to featuring Pokemon in his domino art pieces!

TheDominoKing has decided to feature Pichu as his Pokemon of the month! By using 17,516 dominoes, TheDominoKing was able to make an elaborate domino set up that features Pokeballs, shapes and more. All of this results in a full Pichu being set up at the end.

Want to see this piece of domino art in action? Then watch the video below! Want to check out Domino King’s other works? Here is a video of him featuring Charizard! Or check out his channel!

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