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VIDEO: Should You Play Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee Instead of Your Boyfriend?

GirlFriend Review
Ever wonder what your girlfriend would think about the video games you play?

Then wonder no more! Shelby is here to help you with that! So, get ready to not watch a review of your favorite video. Instead this is a review of somebody who has to watch somebody play your favorite video game.

For today’s video, we are going to spotlight Shelby from Girlfriend Reviews. She is going to give you her review of Pokemon Let’s Go. The twist is that she is actually going to play the game! And boy, is it fun to hear her talk about playing Pokemon Let’s Go! Especially the reactions from her boyfriend who is a long time Pokemon fan. There is some ups, downs, negatives and positives. Overall, plenty of fun times as you hear Shelby talk about her time in Kanto.

Also, singing. Some beautiful singing that is not only done for this video.

So make sure to give Girlfriend Reviews a watch! Below is Shelby’s review of Pokemon Let’s Go. Check out the rest of Shelby’s videos by clicking here.

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