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VIDEO: My Shiny Pokémon FAILURE Stories

Shiny Fails
Sometimes Shiny Pokemon can be fun.

And then you have Shiny fails where your big fish gets away! That is why we are sharing a video from YourFriedBread where he recounts his Shiny fails.

Today we are spotlighting a video where YourFriendBread goes over some Shiny Pokemon that have gotten away from him. All of these stories take place when he was a kid but they are worth listening to. Especially now when YourFriendBread is a professional Shiny Hunter. These stories can only help him improve as a Shiny Hunter. It can also help you learn as well when it comes to hunting down that highly wanted Shiny!

Watch and enjoy YourFriendBread’s failed shiny video. Make sure to watch his other videos and subscribe!

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