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VIDEO: Top 10 Generation 1 Pokemon That Changed Their Shiny

Shiny Pokemon
It is time for a lesson on how some of your favorite Shiny Pokemon have changed!

Did you know that some Pokemon have had their shiny color changed? Sometimes technological upgrades to graphics gives Gamefreak new ways to play with color. That gives them the chance to update some Pokemon and their shiny coloration.

KangasKid18 has gone through some Pokemon from Generation 1 to see how their Shiny colors have changed from Gen 2 to all the way to Gen 7. Some of the Pokemon on his list have gone generations without a change to their coloration while others seem to get a new change with each new Pokemon game. One Pokemon got their Shiny colors changed just for a single game. Which one was it? Watch the video below to find out!

Which ones were you surprised by? Let us know in the comments!

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