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Weekly Article – What Will be Generation 6’s New Version?

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For the first four Generations, after the first two pair of games, a newer, more definitive third version was released years after that. That version had more features than both versions it was based on. For one, the story was updated to put another legendary in the spotlight (save for the first Generation), as well as providing more content, such as Crystal’s Battle Tower and Emerald’s excellent Battle Frontier. Because of this, Generation 5 was expected to have the same.

…except that didn’t happen. To the surprise of many people, the updated version for Pokémon Black and White was not Grey, but it was Black 2 and White 2, which are sequels to the original games. Thanks to this, it brings up the possibility that Generation 6’s next version isn’t clear. Could it be a third version, or could it be a direct sequel(s)?

For more information on this subject, read on.


Third Version

A third version had been a tradition in the Pokémon series up to Emerald, so this is one of the possibilities. Indeed, because there are several of them, you can say that a third version is most possible.

The strongest case going for a third version has always been the third legendary that is found in the first pair, since the focus will be on them. Previously, Rayquaza was the main focus in Emerald’s story, as with Giratina in Platinum. This means that a hypothetical third version will focus on Zygarde, and if that is the case, you can bet that the new version will be called Pokémon Z.

A third version will not change the plot too much as to make the adventure different, meaning that if you played the first two versions, you will be going through the same trip, with some changes to accommodate the third legendary’s presence. I do not know the story of the first two games, but it is possible that things could stay the same if story isn’t the focus of the games, unlike Pokémon Black and White’s more story-driven design.

A third version could be a best-seller, since it is known as the ultimate version. Pokémon Platinum is one version in which it sold really well. It could be attributed to the success of the Nintendo DS combined with its new take on the world, which made it a really memorable experience, and a great example on how to do a third version: create a different experience not done before, and make it grand.


Sequels to the Original

Now, I should start by stating that I never played the latest of the Pokémon series, so any story-based elements will go unmentioned because of my lack of experience with that. As mentioned before, the twist in Pokémon Black and White is that instead of the expected Gray version starring Kyurem (note that Kyurem is considered a gray Pokémon), there are two new versions with Kyurem, fusing with the other legendary in the respective version to make up for the twist that the white Reshiram is in Black and the black Zekrom is in White.

Because of these preceding games, the possibility that the sequel could be a dual version is in public consciousness. The realistic reason for dual sequels, albeit a somewhat cynical one, is the profits made. Having two versions is likely to have more profit because it is two games, which might mean more profit assuming that each could get similar numbers. That might not necessarily be the case, on the sales front, simply because two sequels and one sequel might have the same numbers, which equates to similar profit.

There is an interesting discovery found through hacking: two moves that are Ground-type: Thousand Waves and Thousand Arrows. The former move is a trapping attack, while the latter sends flying Pokémon to the ground similar to Smack Down, except it bypasses the immunity completely. There is no reason to believe they fit other Pokémon besides Zygarde, since both moves share the same power as Land’s Wrath.

Based on the way the moves work, it is possible that one of it ties to Xerneas (Waves) and the other to Yveltal (Arrows), so Zygarde could adapt the characteristics of land or air. This is similar to Kyurem’s latent moves Freeze Burn and Freeze Shock, which was later found to be a result of Reshiram’s fusion and Zekrom’s fusion. Considering that Zygarde is able to camouflage (it learns that move), the adaptability to its surrounding is a feasible explanation.


Something Different

What if, instead of either two sequels or a third version, it’s a third version that works as a sequel? Instead of a path that you travelled before, you have an actual new journey as a third version. Considering the story and settings are the same in both versions, it could work. This would be a nice idea for extending Generation 6.

This new version could introduce some new Mega Evolutions and/or original Pokémon, which will no doubt make things interesting as a sequel. Perhaps this would require patching older copies or Pokémon X and Y to take these new changes better.


Since the reveal of Generation 3’s remakes, the new version’s direction won’t be seen this year, meaning that there is plenty of time to speculate on what will the third version be like. So, which side of the fence are you on? Please reveal it in the comments. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I have writing it.

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