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Weekly Pokemon Opinions!

Weekly Pokemon Opinions is back with yet another set of Pokemon chosen at random and then given a score of 1-10 by our forum community. You can add your opinions to the bunch by visiting the Daily Pokemon Opinions thread on the forum.


#558- Crustle

My rating: 8. Crustle’s pretty cool. It has a neat typing, looks pretty awesome, and it’s a great shell smasher with Sturdy, which means it can use the White herb without worrying about being OHKO’d. The only problem is it’s a little lacking in the speed department. It’s also got one of my favorite moves, Rock wrecker. I also find it to be pretty cute in a way o3o -The-Hydra

I agree with 8/10. I seem to remember using him once before, and I really love his design! -PerseusRad

my rating: 7 It’s pretty good and has a very unique typing. -ArrowJolteon

My rating: 7.5 It’s cute, has a good typing, and is great with Shell Smash! I remember the anime episode centered around Dwebble where Cilan’s Dwebble had to fight the other Dwebble to get its rock back. -Corey

I was going to give these guys a 6/10, since I think they’re meh, but seeing them shell-less…

9/10 -DarkNerd

Crustle: 6.5/10 I’ve never used it before to know it well. Its pre-evolution is cute though :3 -Fantome Ecrivain

Average Rating: 7.6


My rating: 2. Gen 5 made a lot of really cool looking Pokémon. That said, it also made some of the worst looking as well for whatever reason. Gurdurr is such an example. And unlike his bigger (and slightly less replusive-looking) brother, he doesn’t have any other strong points to save him. All-around ugly, not very useful, and I have no past experiences with it that would make me like it more. So feh. -The-Hydra

Gurdurr: 4/10 Ugly. Its final evolution irritates me greatly. It’s a better Hariyama though. -Fantome Ecrivain

I actually like the Timburr family. Gurdurr’s nose is a bit weird but I love the concept of them using construction materials as weapons. I’ve never used them, but on design and concept alone, I’d give Gurdurr a 7/10. -Braddock

my rating: 4. I don’t actually mind this evolutionary family much, but their veins kinda gross me out, so… -Arrow-Jolteon

My rating: 7. Other than the noses, Gurdurr and Conkeldurr are nicely designed Fighting-types! -Corey

Average Rating: 4.8

#340 Whiscash

My rating: 8 Gets some points for being a good NU Pokémon. Some more for being cute. A few more for being there for me in Emerald. AND THE REST OF THE POINTS BECAUSE IT’S A WARIO FISH WAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH -The-Hydra

my rating: 5 I don’t have any problems with it in the least, but I don’t have any attachments to it either. -Arrow-Jolteon

Some people like silly/derpy Pokemon, but I’m not a fan unless the Pokemon is so silly it’s cute. Whiscash isn’t an exception, never have liked it. If it got a Mega Evolution that made it more serious like Swampert did, maybe my rating would raise! I’ll give it a 2.5! -Corey

Whiscash: 7/10 Giant catfish called Wario!!! -Fantome Ecrivain

I think it is good enough for an average Pokemon. Also, its cry is… soothing. Weird. 8/10 -Voltaire Magneton

Average Rating: 6.1

#086 Seel

My Rating: 6 Although it’s name is one of the worst, at least it’s catchy and sounds good. unlike Talonflame I’ve used it a few times in Kanto, and it and it’s evolution are a pretty powerful Pokémon to have, with the STAB from both Surf and Ice beam. I do remember hating Pryce’s Seel/Dewgong though. STOP RESTING DAMMIT -The-Hydra

To be fairly honest, I don’t really have an opinion on Seel because it’s so forgettable. :L I usually forget of its existence unless I’m reminded of it. Seel is a pretty lame name, but a lot of Gen I names are corruptions like Seel’s, and I have nothing against that. It’s just uncreatively simple! I’ll give it a 5! -Corey

Too simple, I guess. Although Lorelei’s Dewgong can be pretty hard to battle with. 6/10 -Voltaire Magneton

my rating: 6 it’s okay, but struggles to stand out. -Arrow-Jolteon

Seel: 6/10 Its cute, I’ll give it that, but it’s outclassed by Spheal. -Fantome Ecrivain

5/10 Cute, but easily forgettable. I much prefer the spheal line to these. -PerseusRad

Average Rating: 5.6

#391 Monferno

My rating: 5 I’ve never chosen the Chimchar line in my many gen 4 playthroughs, mostly because I just don’t like ’em. Which kinda sucked for me, since in Pearl the only other fire type you have access to is Ponyta (And yet they still made a fire E4 member for some reason.) He also continued the Fire/fighting chain, so not really a high rating for Monferno. -The-Hydra

Monferno is okay; it’s not horrible looking (though not particularly cool either), but I always like mokey-like movements and agility. It’s the fastest Gen IV starter, and Infernape has one of the widest move pools in the entire game. Overall, I give Monferno a 7/10. It’s not my favorite, but it’s decent and I wouldn’t want to an hero if I have to use it in-game. -3m0d0ll

I give Monferno a 6/10. I like the simian design a lot and he helped me out a lot against Roark in the Communitylocke. :) I’m not a fan of the long line of Fire/Fighting types, just don’t make the first gym Rock, GF. Still, I kinda like my Monferno so far. -Braddock

Monferno is awesome! Infernape is the best of the Fire/Fighting starters with Emboar as a very close second. Monferno’s type is a great and fitting type, just a bit overused. I picked Chimchar as my starter in Pearl, and Pearl is the Pokemon game where I started to become a true Pokemon player at the ripened age of…8. xD Infernape has left a lasting impression on me. I give Monferno a solid 8. -Corey

Monferno: 2/10 I hate Fire types and I hate monkeys that are fire types and it’s evolution is ugly. I also dislike most overrated

Average Rating: 5.6

#210 Granbull

My Rating: 7 Granbull’s cool. I do really like it’s pre-evolution for some reason, but I don’t like Granbull for the same non-reasons (Got it? Neither do I.) I remember before gen 6, a lot of people were expecting him to become UU, or maybe even OU, but nope, never happened. NU just as before. He’s kinda funny looking, with his purple skin and odd-looking teeth, and I like that. I actually liked him better when he became a fairy, simply because he’s unique among the fairy types, which is kinda cool. -The-Hydra

My Rating: 8 I totally dig Granbull! I’ve always liked it. The addition of the Fairy-type helped it a bit on the battle field, even though the type seems strange for a Pokemon like Granbull. Overall pretty awesome, though lacking in its stats. Could be a great asset on a Trick Room team if used right! -Corey

I love my Granbull (his name’s Baskerville). I think he’s a great choice for a physical Fairy, though I do wish Fairy had a bit of a deeper movepool especially on the physical side. Granbull’s got a great design too, I love the huge jaw with the massive fangs. 9/10 for me. -Braddock

my rating: 7 I like dogs, so Granbull has always been a Pokemon I like. Fairy-type also did wonders for the bulldog, as it now finally has a niche in battle. -Arrow-Jolteon

Average Rating: 7.8


#651 Qualladin

My rating: 6.5 From my memory, not a lot of folk like Quilladin. I’m not a huge fan either, but he’s still okay, and considering the middle forms of starters tend to be some of my least favorite Pokémon, that’s not necessarily bad. I kinda like it’s round look. However, I never got much experience with it because I didn’t use my starter in the first run of X and it died shortly after evolving in the nuzlocke I did later. So all-aROUND (get it get it get it?) he’s just ok, with an added .5 for roundness. -The-Hydra

Never understood the Quilladin hate. It’s cute in a silly way, and it and its beast evolution Chesnaught are goofy! Just play with Quilladin and Chesnaught in Amie, you’ll see! I fell in love with them after doing so. I’ve picked Chespin in my latest Y replay, and in my first Y play. I may prefer Delphox, but the Chespin line is really great. Kalos had some awesome starters! 8 from me! -Corey

my rating: 6 It’s pretty decent, but its dorky design is kinda off for me. -Arrow-Jolteon

I really like Quilladin’s incredibly unique design. The Chespin line is one of my favorite starter lines in the entire series and if it weren’t for the great stat boosts, I would almost prefer to not evolve Quilladin…almost. I give Quilladin and 8/10. -Braddock

2/10 This is the first time I disliked any grass starter. Its design is literally worse than Bayleef… -Fantome Ecrivain

#128 Tauros

My Rating: 7.5 Tauros is awesome. It’s a great NU sweeper, and by far the most dangerous in RBY OU. He also looks the part, with his “I’m not taking any crap from you” expression, and three-tails for maximizing fly-killing efficiency. He also had anger point, one of my favorite abilities to play around with. Plus he’s a pretty rare Pokémon, and I’ve always liked those. -The-Hydra

Tauros: 7/10 Don’t mess with it. Whenever I get it in a random battle, I laugh at trying to imagine the opponent’s face when they underestimate it and get swept by its Rock Slide Flinch spree XD -Fantome Ecrivain

My rating: 4.5 I prefer Miltank. :I Tauros isn’t bad, though. Pretty strong in NU, as you said


Average Rating: 6.3

That means that the fearsome Gen II Pokemon Granbull is this week’s ratings winner. Remember to follow along with the Daily Pokemon Opinions thread, as well as others that may catch your interest, by registering on our forums!

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