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Weekly Pokemon Opinions!

In this week’s edition of Weekly Pokemon Opinions, we have a variety of different ‘mon, but mostly from the 4th and 5th generations. This week also has no Pokemon going under an average rating of 6. Don’t forget, you can join the discussion and give your opinion on our forum!

#515 Panpour

My rating: 5.5. Meh water monkey is meh. Not great in battle, design doesn’t stand out to me, and I never used it in game. Would get lower, but I have this one card of it I really like of it carrying a pot of coffee on its head. -The-Hydra

5/10. Panpour doesn’t stand out at all for me. It actually looses points when it evolves; Simipour is one of the few pokémon who’s design I actively dislike. It’s just ugly and weird. -Braddock

3/10 from me. -ShadowJay

Panpour is eh, same with all the elemental monkeys. He’s cute enough, but I never used him in BW/BW2 (are they given to you in BW2? I don’t even remember) cos I didn’t like that I would have to wait until I got an evolutionary stone before I could evolve him. His final form isn’t too bad, though. Nice speed and attacking stats. I’ll give Panpour a 6.5/10 -3m0d0ll

 my rating: 4. It and its evolution are annoying. Same goes for the other elemental monkeys. :P -Arrow-Jolteon

Recently used Simipour in my White 2 run. I like the elemental monkeys. c: 7 from me! -Corey

Average Rating: 6.2

#471 Glaceon

 My Rating: 7. I find Glaceon to be one of the better eeveelutions. I like to use it in battle sometimes with the choice specs, and also in the TCG. It’s got a pretty good design too, so not a bad eeveelution all-around. -The-Hydra

I adore all Eeveelutions! Sylveon has my heart at number one, but Glaceon and all the others are awesome too! 8 from me! -Corey

Glaceon is probably my least favorite of the Eeveelutions. It’s still a great pokémon and has a good design, of course. All of the eeveelutions are very good pokémon. I think one of the reasons I don’t like it as much as others is its bangs and the dangling hair-like things on its head. It gives it a decidedly female look and I hate when they make a pokémon that can be male or female look pointedly like one sex or the other. It’s just apersonalquirk, but I find it weird when I have a female Machamp or a male Gardevoir (especially when it Mega-Evolves). Still, I give Glaceon a 6/10. -Braddock

Glaceon is one of the best Eeveelutions, in my opinion. It gets an 8 from me. :) -Tenacity

my rating: 9. It’s an eeveelution, so of course I’m gonna love it. Glaceon is in my opinion the most difficult eeveelution to use in combat, but man does it pay off when it’s successful. It’s also got a nice, elegant design. -Arrow-Jolteon

8/10 One of my favourite Eeveelutions! -Ghostwriter

Average Rating: 7.7

#449 Hippopotas

My rating: 7. Considering I’ve never really used one, and it’s design is kind of odd, it might’ve gotten a lower rating if it didn’t have sand stream and was also based off my favorite animal. So a good-old-fashioned 7 for Hippopotas o3o -The-Hydra

I always thought Hippopotas was super cute. :3 I’ve never really used it in-game, and the female color scheme is sub-par, but it evolves into a very useful Pokemon, learns the Elemental Fang moves, and has Defense up the wazoo. Overall, 7/10 from me. -3m0d0ll

My rating: 6 I like it. :3 Hippowdon is a great Pokemon, because it has great HP, Defense, and doubled Special Defense in the sand with a great movepool and nice Attack stat. -Corey

Average Rating: 6.7

#065  Mega Alakazam

 My rating: 7 Mega Alakazam is alright, but I think they could’ve done better with this one deisgn-wise. It does however, make up for it with awesome stats (base 150 speed woo) and a cool ability for a mega (Trace). Plus, he’s got a lot of spoons. Can’t argue with those. -The-Hydra

My rating: 8 I love Mega Alakazam. :D The wizard theme going on is really awesome. And yes, not one, but FIVE spoons. -Corey


Its design is really funny, not awesome… but funny! But it has good arguments with its stats… But I can’t cogitate seriously with those levitate spoons, it’s really awesome for eat ice-cream or kill somebody with a gang of spoon XD So my rating… 8 (for the spoons *dead* ) -Northern Light

This is my only thought about M-Alakazam: -insert picture of M-Alakazam battling a horde of Vanilitle- 10/10 -3m0d0ll

7/10. Not one of the best Megas around but a pretty hilarious design. Though I don’t really like why they did to the legs, made it look like it was crippled or something. The spoons are weird too but comical. It has above decent stats for a Mega so it’s still cool. -Ghostwriter

Based on its look, it’s unimpressive, but it is a decent Mega Evolution in battle, so it gets somewhere between 7.5-8. I’m not exactly sure what it gets, though. -Metal Gear Snivy

Well, Along with Megacham, WHY DID THEY LOOK LIKE INDIANS?! I haven’t tried one before, though. 5/10 -Voltaire Magneton

Average Rating: 7.6

#618 Stunfisk

My Rating: 8 Stunfisk is not widely admired, I know. But I think he’s pretty neat. He has a really cool typing, and I don’t see why his design is so repulsive, I actually like it. While he’s a little awkward in competitive battling, he’s still always fun to use so you can mess with people’s heads. Plus, that epic cry. -The-Hydra

Why the 3D model though? How can one appreciate its looks? Haven’t used one though, but unique typing, and I don’t find it repulsive. Just weird. -6/10 -Voltaire Magneton

 6/10 Have used it in battle and it’s pretty good for fooling people who underestimate it. -Ghostwriter

my rating: 6 It does look sorta derpy, but it is definitely not ugly. I’ve never used one, but props for the cool typing. -Arrow-Jolteon

Average Rating: 6.5

#507 Herdier

My rating: 5 Eh. It’s really always been too bland for my tastes. Plus I’ve never really used it in-game, so I have no special connection to it. It would get lower points if it didn’t have a fine mustache though. -The-Hydra

My rating: 7 I like it and its evolutionary family! It was pretty funny and cool in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity too. cx -Corey

my rating: 7.5 It looks like my doggy, so there’s no way I can’t dislike it XD -Arrow-Jolteon

I think Herdier is so cute. ;3; It’s a perfect size and shape for a dog Pokemon, pretty useful Pokemon stat- and move-pool-wise, and there’s that A+ mustache. I give it 8/10. -3m0d0ll

Average Rating:  6.9

And so this week’s ratings winner is Glaceon, the Ice-Type Eeveelution, with Mega Alakazam coming in a very close second! Be sure to check back soon for more Pokemon Opinons, and make sure to read our other articles as well!

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