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Weekly Pokemon Opinions!

WPO is back with a slightly shorter installment this week, but with more interesting ‘mon up for review all the same. Remember to check the Daily Pokemon Opinions thread to give your input and make sure to take part in the discussions on our forum in general.

#467 Magmortar

My rating: 7 Magmortar’s a pretty cool (I mean, warm) Pokemon. It looks kind of strange, but it’s fun in battle and has arm cannons, my favorite form of weapon. And again, although it’s design is not the prettiest, it’s a huge improvement over it’s previous stage in the looks department. ~The-Hydra

I don’t mind them, but I prefer Magby and Magmar. 6.5/10 x) ~Suicune’s Fire

It looks so much like a mega evolution! I was never really a fan of Magmortar. Its mouth and pink legs creep me out. xD 3/10 ~Pokemon Trainer Sarah

my rating: 6 I’m not that big a fan of the Magmar line, but they’re okay. ~Arrow-Jolteon

Average Rating: 5.6

                                                                                                          #703 Carbink

My rating: 7 I like Carbink, it’s cute, got a neat tying and all that jazz, but I’m still kind of on the line about it, because I’m really curious if a relation with Diancie will be established. Depending on if one is/what it is, that might affect what I think of it. But for now just a good ‘ol fashioned 7. ~The-Hydra

I like Carbink. It’s pretty cute, its shiny colors are great, it’s got some great defenses and a pretty good support movepool. I’m a little sad it doesn’t have Recover, but I guess they couldn’t throw it ALL the bones. As far as its relationship with Diancie is concerned, we know that Diancie come from Carbink through a “strange mutation”, I just don’t think it will happen as an in-game evolution or event or anything. I could be wrong, though. We should find out soon enough. HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO WITHHOLD DIANCIE??!! *Ahem* I give Carbink 9/10. ~Braddock

my rating: 7 It’s pretty cute, has a rather unique dual type, and as long as there aren’t Steel-type attacks it can do its job as a wall/supporter pretty well. I also give it props for basically being a better version of Phione, but who knows if the fabled mutation that Carbink undergoes to become Diancie will be available in-game, though. ~Arrow-Jolteon

Average Rating: 7.6

#011 Metapod

My rating: 9.5 You either like Metapod or you don’t. I do. Something about him, for me, makes him the face of evolution. He’s a transition stage, that’s all he is. He serves no other purpose besides hardening. But that hardening is vital. Okay, maybe it’s not, but I just like Metapod for whatever reason so deal with it. ~The-Hydra

Metapod, along with many of the caterpillar-like bug types, represents one of the closest approximations our real world has to Pokémon evolution; metamorphosis. A small worm encases itself in a protective layer and becomes a chrysalis. Then, after a time, a completely different winged creature emerges. I think it’s neat that they include that middle chrysalis form for the bug types. That being said, Metapod is pretty useless in battle and doesn’t really have much going for it other than a decent design for a cocoon. 5/10 ~Braddock

my rating: 8 It evolves into Butterfree. That is all XD ~Arrow-Jolteon

I never liked or used Metapod on his own (I hated catching him in Vermillion Forest because he doesn’t know Tackle so leveling him up is annoying), but as for what he represents, and the evolutionary chain he from, he’s amazing. Butterfree is an awesome Pokemon with Compound Eyes and status powders. Caterpie is just so cute and always freaked Misty out in the anime, which was hilarious.  So yeah, Metapod is a hunk of crap on his own. But he’s my hunk of crap. Metapod, 10/10. ~3m0d0ll

Bleh. I’ve never found Metapod or anything from its line all that great, and the jokes that center around it are… distasteful and irksome, to say the least. Its design isn’t horrid, but it’s far from good. 3/10. ~Velocity

Lol male genitalia used Harden huehuehueh.  Metapod: 5/10 Don’t often care about Bugs and the cocoon Pokemon are easily overlooked. ~ghostwriter

6/10 I kinda like him, but he’s not amazing.~PerseusRad


My rating: 3 ~Corey

9/10 only second to the best: Stunfisk ~Metal Gear Snivy

10/10 good at evolving ~Suicune’s Fire

I like Metapod. The Metapod vs. Metapod episode in the anime was pretty good. Also Metapod give good EXP and won’t hurt your precious low level Pokemon when training in Viridian Forest. :D  6.5/10 ~Pokemon Trainer Sarah

Average Rating:  7.1

#418 Buizel

My rating? 8/10. He’s a pretty cool dude, but I have to admit, I prefer his evolved form. ~PerseusRad

4 for Buizel the little sea rat (you get tired of giving reasons when you’ve done this as long as I have) ~The-Hydra

I love buizel! Probably purely for aesthetics. xD And I think they’re just cool in general 8) 7/10 ~Suicune’s Fire

My rating: 7 I love Buizel! It’s so cute, and Floatzel was my Water-type Pokemon in my Pearl run. It was also pretty cool in the anime! ~Corey

Buizel is one of the few Sinnoh Pokemon I love. It’s really cute and I used one in my team and it was pretty useful! 8/10 ~Pokemon Trainer Sarah

Average Rating: 6.8

And so, this week’s winner is Carbink! Check back soon to see another group of Pokemon that have been rated by our community, and remember that Carbink can be seen in the newest Pokemon movie, Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.

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