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100 Starter Decks! Coming to the TCG!

Starter Deck 100
Do you need a deck?

Well, if you live in Japan then you may be covered. That is because they will be releasing ‘Starter Deck 100’ this December!

Starter Deck 100 Details

‘Starter Deck 100’ will be a series of products where players will be able to buy one out of 100 decks. These decks will be created from a library of 414 cards.

Most of the 414 card will be reprints of cards in the current format in Japan. Some of these reprints will use new artwork while others are will be brand new. Some cards that will be getting brand new art include: Stoutland V from ‘Battle Styles’, Boltund V from the upcoming ‘Fusion Strike’ and Emolga from ‘Evolving Skies’.

New F Regulation Mark

We will also see a new F Regulation Mark on some of these cards. This means that some previous release card will be given another two years in the format if they are given the F Regulation Mark. One of the cards shown to receive a F Regulation Mark will be Crushing Hammer. You may recall that Crushing Hammer was last printed with the D Regulation Mark in Sword & Shield base. That means it would be rotating in late Summer 2022. Though, if Crushing Hammer is printed with the F Regulation Mark prior to the 2022 Rotation then you can still see it in the format.

There are going to be other cards who will be in a similar situation if they do not get a F Regulation Mark soon. Some of these cards include Switch, Professor’s Research and Boss’s Orders.

Ultra Ball Returns!

Ultra Ball
One of the biggest pieces of news that players may like is the return of Ultra Ball. This card was last printed in Sun & Moon base. It had eventually rotated leaving trainers with other methods to search out Pokemon. You may see yourself playing in a format where both Ultra Ball and Quick Ball are in the same deck. This Ultra Ball will have the F Regulation Mark. Though, you can play with previously printed copy of Ultra Ball in your decks.

Other New Cards

Other new cards coming out from ‘Starter Deck 100’ include Kingler V and Kingler VMAX. ‘Starter Deck 100’ will also print a new Pikachu V, new Zamazenta V, and new Greedent V. Other new cards mention includes: Marnie’s Pride, Barry and Team Yell’s Cheer.

‘Starter Deck 100’ will be release on December 17th in Japan. There is no word on how this will be release around the world.

Source: PokeBeach

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