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The Anniversary of Science…OF POKEMON!

Science of Pokemon
This looks like a job for…SCIENCE!

Three year ago, men by the name of Veteran Lucas and Professor Collins decided that they wanted to bring science to the world of Pokemon podcasts. They were going to explain the science of the creatures of the world of Pokemon from their real world inspirations to biology. Eventually from there they expanded that science to finances, history and more!

Things didn’t stop there! Eventually the Veteran and Professor were joined by a Fisherman Don and Cameraman Chris. Both of these men brought their own brand of science to the podcast. They have even formed a network that is now into it’s second year called the PokeCasters Network. Though this network, they have brought together several different Pokemon podcasters together to raise money for charity and have fun.

All of this all goes back to the podcast that started it all in 2017. The Science of Pokemon.

Today we celebrate the Science of Pokemon’s three year anniversary. They have gone through some changes but still promise to bring you all the science you love about Pokemon. We have some of the Science of Pokemon’s top favorite episodes. Please take a listen to them and enjoy them if you are old or new!

Stars and Stripes
Our episode on America where we get a whole rant on bison.

History of Galar
The first part of a 3 part series on the new Pokemon in the Galar region.

Seel of Approval
We talk about the amazing seals and sea lions if the world and had a great time doing it.

While not our most listened episode, it is the base of one of our most popular panel discussions.

Into the Wings
It’s where we started and while not our best work, we were so awkward. haha, You should always remember where you start.

If you want a bonus episode then go ahead and give this episode a listen! “Urchin for a Win” is one of the many episodes that features interviews with people who work in the field of science. These guests actually work in the topic that is being discussed! Go ahead and give that episode a listen to see what these science guys are working on in the lab!

Happy Anniversary to the Science of Pokemon podcast! You can follow them on Twitter and give these guys your best wishes!

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