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Artist Spotlight: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon returns!

With the big announcement yesterday, there’s been a rush of new art to look at!

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX ignited the spark to reignite the PMD franchise, and as a result, there was a rush of new art as people began to play through the now available demo of the new game. So let’s check out all the great artwork!

We’ll start with the two lovely artists that let us use their screenshots for yesterday’s article. The two of them took the personality quiz in the demo and then selected the others’ result as their partner. They then played through their various games as Team Piña-Peach until the demo reached its end. It only seemed natural they’d both draw the team once they were finished, so here’s both versions for you to enjoy!

Since the personality test is no longer gender restricted, we can now get male eevees as a result for the test! Meet Robin, the leader of Team PlaceGoers and a scruffy fellow who tends to doze off here and there. He’s such an adorable team leader.

As the mascots of the franchise, pikachu and eevee are practically best friends, which means they make great teammates! Check out this adorable celebration after they completed a tough rescue mission!

This adorable duo is styling and profiling with their new scarves. They can’t wait to go on more adventures with you once the full game is out!

This artist’s style really captures the charm of this eevee torchic team. Plus, their unique interpretation of the scarves is so cute! I can’t wait to see more of their adventures!

This team is a blast from the past. This artist seized upon the opportunity to reuse their old team from their first playthrough. We look forward to see how this playthrough is different from the first!

This artist chose to celebrate PMD and the new Sword & Shield news in one fell swoop with an adorable piece of art of a twinning Galarian Slowpoke and Meowth! Yellow coin style head decorations for the win!

We missed it too! But now Skitty and Pikachu are ready to adventure with you to great heights and murky depths!

If there’s one thing the mystery dungeon franchise is known for ,its the feels. So let’s get ready for some 3D feels as we all experience this new game.

It’s a brand new adventure, with some brand new friends, and a whole new world to live in!

Want to see more art, videos, and more to celebrate the announcement? Check out the #pokemonmysterydungeon on Twitter for more fun and fanfare!

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