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  1. Moonlight Silver episode 100--The Afterpost

    This week, the story finally reaches its 100th episode!

    And it was only fitting that the 100th episode be something plot important--Ash winning his seventh Badge!

    The only major change for this episode was cutting Team Rocket out, as per the competition rule for the project (the evil team will not interrupt a Gym battle, Contest, Pokethlon, Lore Stage, or other plot important competition unless the original scene was just too funny to not cut out, or it is important ...
  2. Moonlight Silver episode 73c--The Afterpost

    This week, we wind up the Ecruteak storyline by showing (most of) the Gekijou play the gang acted in, and Sakura and Misty's heart to heart, which includes a lot of callbacks to Lightning Yellow.

    The play itself was new for the story--I wanted to expand on the Dance Theater in the games by also making it a venue for theater and concerts as well as dancing (and the odd Eeveelution battle)

    I plan to expand on the history Misty tells Sakura when I write Lightning Yellow--she ...
  3. Moonlight Silver episode 62--The Afterpost

    This week, Brock earns himself a friendly rival in Keely and his orange stripe for his rainbow!

    But more importantly, we are...

    Only 62 more episodes to go!

    In picking episodes to turn into Lore Stages, this one was perfect to rewrite for one--particularly if Brock could tell a scary tale. So after kicking out Team Rocket, dramatically rewriting the episode, ...