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  1. Life Update

    Oh boy. This is probably a big thing? I know it's been a while, and a lot has changed. A lot really can change in 3 years. You guys already know I got hit with the Type 2 Diabetes. I have that nastiness on lock, though. Not really any worries there. You already know I got married. That's doing well. The only issue I have is a combination of the 2. Being married, you tend to get a little lax in your physical well being. I'd like for both of us to be more active. For me it would just get me to a spot ...
  2. Diabeetus!

    I mentioned in my last blog about my recent Diagnosis of Type-2 Diabetes. This is basically me telling my story about it in greater detail. Because I know you love reading about me. That's why you're here isn't it? Or are you here to simply glance at the latest mundane writing endeavor that I've concocted, while pressing down on the six dollar words to complicate your capacity to comprehend? Either way, I love you. Stick around, you might learn you a thing.

    I was actually diagnosed
  3. Temporarily Untitled Rubbish

    ]Holy crap. My life has been a flip-flop mess of lord-knows-what for way too long, lately. I'm serious, like, my life has been a weird roller coaster over the past year. 2017 was a gosh darn whirlwind. But! At least this year, the world isn't blaming a four digit number for celebrity deaths. So that's a plus.

    I've been diagnosed with a debilitating disease. One that I guess can actually go away if I take care of myself? Neat! It's called Type-2 Diabetes. Doctors said, 'Take ur medz
  4. Caleb's Rant! Part 1

    Aight, so..

    When I was a teenager I used to have a notebook of just random things that bugged me. So I'm going to do that again. I would go on and on about the silliest things, from teen pregnancy, to grease covered cheeseburger buns. You've seen it, and you know it sucks. Hopefully it'll be as entertaining as it was back then. Or perhaps even more serious. Which is actually where I'll start this. On a very serious note. Because there is a thing I have to get off my chest, and you ...
  5. I love you guys.

    Seriously, though. I have gotten to know so many of you over the years, and it makes me kinda happy that I never went outside. I'm not saying that not going outside was good for me. I exclusively blame my distrust in people outside of my house on PxR/Pe2k. But this place sort of helped me keep my sense of morality. See the world for the ugly monster that it can be, before I needed to experience it. I'm pretty happy, and grateful for that. There's nothing I regret in my time spent on these forums, ...
  6. A Very Merry X-Kun Blog.

    So, There I were... Christmas morning, happy, cheerful, and happy with my life. Great lady in my life, awesome friends, wonderful family. Christmas Day is just full of everything you'd expect it to be for me. I'm at my girlfriend's parents' house, when my phone rings. It's my mother calling to wish me a happy Christmas! "Hi, mom! Merry Christmas!"

    ... "You need to come home, someone broke into your house and stole all of your stuff."

    Silence. ...
  7. An Apology of Sorts..

    I have said things and done things in my past that I look back on and wish I hadn't said. I trust I'm not the only one who can say this. However, I also live my life never regretting and decision that I make in my life. Because every decision that I make becomes a lesson to learn from.

    With that mentality I would like to apologize to every single person who reads this, and every single person on this forum. I said and did some things that I wish I hadn't. The main thing that I did
  8. Promises Pt. II

    I recently wrote a blog, something I don't do very often, about being unable to keep promises. Today I'm writing another blog. As evident as it is from the title, this one is also about promises. But this one isn't about NOT being able to keep them. This one is about keeping them, and seeing them through, though not as quickly as one had hoped. Heck, even so much as to say one might have forgotten a promise was even made. There are promises that I am keeping, and are very well in the works to being ...
  9. Promises


    Strong Language!


    I recently sat and started reading old conversations on MSN with someone I was once really close with. We both made these crazy promises that we'd never abandon each other. That we'd always have each other, and we'd be in the other person's corner no matter the circumstance. It was so cute, and reading it, you'd think it came out of a fairy tale. Two best friends, a guy and a girl, unknowingly making promises of love and
  10. A Very XaiakuX Blog Post

    To those curious.. it's "Xaiaku" with an "X" at the end.

    Z-eye Ah Koo (Listen to some of the Podcasts.)

    I hear through the grapevine that a lot of people think I'm some kind of jackass, or just rude and indecent on this forum. Very bossy in situations where I shouldn't be, and manipulative as can be. In truth, that's kind of how I am on this forum. For those of you who think this about me, good job, that's the idea. While this is in NO way the person
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