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  1. X/Y Tournament Part Deux!!!

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    Hey guys! Since the first tournament went off pretty well I've decided to throw another one, well one's really.

    Hopefully I'll get a feel for what rules everyone enjoys the most, and create a tournament that will happen every weekend.

    This weekend were going to add a few more rules, as well as add doubles into the mix

    Remember you can register for more than one tournament, as long as you feel comfortable managing your time

  2. Professor Oak is better than you and you know it ;)

    So a simple question was brought up recently. That question being "If Each Professor From Each Region Were to Battle, Who Would ?"

    Well this answer couldn't be anymore simple and guess what every gamer who picked up Red/Blue/Green in fact this man introduced the whole world to pokemon. Thats right Im talking about a true master and real the grandfather of all of pokemon.


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  3. My Reaction To Chars Reactions

    A couple of week ago, one of the coolest Mega Evolutions ever was revealed. After words I looked around for ways to express how I felt. Then I noticed Chars Reaction Blog and this is how I felt.

    I couldnt explain the rush I felt when I noticed the new sleek design. Then I noticed its typing and


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  4. I never learneded to read!

    A pokemon forum such as this, is very rare. While I consider this to be pe2k 2, it is different. When I started at PE2K I didnt know more than 5 people. Over the next year I only met people in the battling center, more specifically people in my clan. Compared to some of the other members who joined at the same time. It took me years to break out of the battling center and pay attention to the rest of the forum.

    Dont get me wrong I loved the Battlig Center and all the amazing people ...
  5. Age before Beautifly

    Joining a pokemon forum has been one of the most interesting things I have done online. I have never considered myself an internet person nor have I ever been part of any other online community. I was raised in a different generation then most of you. Its a fair bet to say that no matter how some of you think you are, I am most likely older. When I was going through grade school computer games were limited to games like Oragon trail.
    When I was in highschool pokemon red and blue came out, ...
  6. The PokeChibis is the best of all styles.

    First off, calling it style feels weird to me. Im going to call it the PXR Skin and Pokechibis is best. I have tried out each of the different skins and Ive found Chibis has the softest background and the easiest to find links. I know these links are on all the skins but I find this skin has them set up most accessible way. Before using this skin I didnt even know you could look at who the head of each area was.
    Plus I get to look at to two dopey fish and psyduck goofing around.
  7. Gotta Catch Em' All has begun!

    So today was the first day of our GCeA Story game ! I really cant say how happy I am to see so many PXR members joining in on the fun. Id say for a first day awent well. Believe it or not this has taken us a couple of months to get ready ! Without Latio (The Nonexistent Tazz ) and Eevee Trainer this couldnt have happened. While there is still some stuff left to do I think the changes we have made are all positive.
    When thinking up a new story you always try to play it out in your mind, ...
  8. Judge Dredd and Gotta Catch Em' All in PXR...Really Really Long Blog

    Since the formation of the this forum, I have been getting asked two questions over and over. When am I going to join PXR and when will I be moving GCEA from PE2K to PXR? For those of you unfamiliar with me. I was Judge Dredd on PE2K. Since 2008 I had devoted myself to doing whatever I could to helping PE2K. With the help of many legendary battlers I worked my way into a mod position in the battling center. I cherished the job and worked hard for the poor battling center. A couple of months later ...
  9. Toons, Toons and more Toons

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	975598_10152909889145430_407342687_n.jpg 
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Name:	983513_10152888666185430_1637941880_n.jpg 
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    A little before Easter I started creating a board for my class room. The idea was to make a board that would catch peoples eyes. Since I work with high students we decided to go with cartoons. The images of the above only showcase a little of how big this board has gotten.

    The Toon/Anime cut out count is about 1500 at this ...
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