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  1. Sylveon Versus the World

    We begin our journey in the Battle Maison, located at the Battle Resort in the Hoenn region. After forty-five long, staggering battles, we've come to our forty-sixth. The forty-third and forty-fourth battles were against veteran trainers, both having legendary Pokemon. I smashed through them 3-0 and 4-0 respectively. Cocky from these wins, I had assured myself a match against the Battle Chatelaine, Evelyn, the doubles chatelaine.

    I couldn't be more wrong.

    The veteran ...
  2. October CoroCoro!

    With all of the exciting news today, I realized something! When I got up this morning to check the news, like I have been for the past week, I was ecstatic to see that CoroCoro leaked today! However, what bothers me most, is that I couldn't report on it or even comment on the forums, as I was leaving for school. I have an online class for 2nd Period, so I had a very short time to go look before the teacher came in (they have monitoring programs).

    I am dying of happiness because of ...
  3. Wh-Which One Do I Pick?!

    Gen VI Pokemon...some of the best Pokemon I have ever seen, honestly! I'm so excited for this generation! It's already my favorite, and I haven't even played it yet!

    The trouble is...there are so many good Pokemon here...I can't pick one for an avatar. D: Talonflame, Sylveon, Fennekin, Flabebe, Helioptile, Fletchling... ;__;

    I found some cool Talonflame art (honestly, Talonflame is a bad name, but the Pokemon is sooooo cool) on dA and I'm using it for an avvie. Fennekin, ...
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  4. Fairy Types! Woo!

    Sylveon is officially a Dragon Slayer!

    Okay okay, I know, everyone and their mother hates Fairy types (but apparently not enough to put the game down...huh). There is rhyme and reason to the Fairy type! Game Freak wanted something to combat Dragon Types. They even KNEW that people didn't want Dragon Types combated in any way, but they felt it would be best for younger players that Dragon Types not be overpowered.

    I agree with their choice. They came up with the Fairy ...
  5. Gogoatin' to Steal Yo Girl

    This just had to be blogged.


  6. 25 Hours to go!

    So, there are 25 hours until our launch! Well, a little under 25, but you know.

    This is all I have to say, honestly. I'm not a very good blogger. :B

    Just be excited! It's been almost five long months working on this project, and I'm excited as ever to see it finally take off!
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