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  1. The winds have not been favorable today...

    (Why is it I only tend to write these when something bad happenes?)
    Well, it's been nice and windy today. Just the kind of nice pleasant breeze that caves in half of your shed.

    It started last night, as I was woken up several times by the sound of the wind battering the house like it was trying to take it to Oz. But since it's normally quite windy where I live I didn't think anything of it.
    So anyway, since this house is kinda small, we have two sheds where we keep all ...
  2. So, my save of Pokemon Sun just went belly up.

    Weeeell. I just accidentally corrupted my save data for pokemon Sun.
    Since it was taking up so much room on my memory card, I tried to install it on another one, and it just broke the save. :( So now I'm back to square one...
    You'd think there'd be some warning to let you know it can only be installed on one memory card, but no, instead it just corrupts the old save. :/

    Worst of all is I've lost the Mewnium Z. Really, only getting one per account of Bank was a stupid ...
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  3. Of Birthdays, PS3's and Power cuts

    OK, this will be my first every blog post, so please bare with me.

    OK, so the 6th of October was my 20th birthday, and since I'd been saving up for a PS3, my parents gave me Ł100 towards it around the end of September as an early present, so I could get it set up for my birthday. Since the only model still in production had almost no internal memory, I also had to get a hard drive, and obviously a game, so it all came to about Ł230 total. Anway, once the HDD & game had arrived, ...
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