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Neo Emolga

  1. Detective Pikachu - A Friendly Emolga's Review (Spoiler Free!)

    I'm sure you're all wondering how this Detective Pikachu movie is. Well, you're in luck, because I just saw it!

    So on this lovely gray-skied Thursday afternoon, I went out to see Detective Pikachu and was looking forward to it all day. Of course once I was on line, I had the fun of trying to get my clunky phone's internet connection trying to work in order to bring up the digital ticket while at the counter. But eventually after some growling, I got it to work and it appeared! And ...
  2. Halloween At Work!

    So people were asking about how my secret Halloween party went at work.

    IT. WAS. A. BLAST!

    Okay, so to fully understand the story and the background on this puppy, I'm a data analyst/technical writer working on contract at Ethicon. Ethicon manufactures surgical devices like sutures, drains, meshes, that kind of thing. They make a ton of neat stuff.

    The design history files I'm working on now is for the Surgicel Powder Device. It looks like this if you're ...
  3. A Best Man speech for my brother!

    So my brother is getting married this Friday the 21st and since I'm the Best Man, I have to prepare a speech. The good news is that as I discovered, the Best Man is expected to have fun with it. In fact it's lame if you don't!

    I have a sweet rough draft ready, but I'm always on the lookout for recommendations. Let me know what you think. XD


    Ladies and gentlemen, to you and any "service" animals you may have brought along, this speech may ...
  4. I'm now a Flying/Fairy type.

    So this craziness started when my friend Tommy suggested dressing up as a princess to go to the New York Renaissance Faire. He's usually dressing up as goofy things, such as a lunch lady for one Halloween and a taco for another. Heck, I myself have dressed up for Halloween as a skunk with a Hawaiian shirt on, so there's that. In the past, I've gone to the NY Ren Faire as a dragon and another year as a white mage. Good, goofy times. The deal was he'd go as a princess this year, and I'd go as a faerie ...
  5. Neo's Guide for... Weight Loss?

    So, you may know me for role plays, graphic art, writing, and stuff like that. I've written plenty of guides and recorded tutorials for those as well. But would you also know I seem to have a knack for... losing weight? I know, it's one of those big topics that are talked about, but the methods and tips I have just seem to work really well for me, and maybe they will for you too.

    I'm about 6'3" and weigh roughly about 175 pounds. Oddly enough, I can simply control it the way ...
  6. The Pikachu Survivor Game Returns! Mischief and Mayhem Edition!

    Some of you might remember a little catastrophe game called the Pikachu Survivor Game that caused forum-wide Pikachu-related chaos entertainment all across PE2K. Whether you were there to witness the anarchy and madness fun and joy or not, it's coming here and I'm welcoming 25 members of PXR to jump in on the lunacy action.

    Just because I'm now more of a crazy Emolga fan doesn't mean I can't invite confirmed lunatics veterans and welcome fresh victims newcomers to the new complete ...
  7. Thank you for the prayers

    On Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at roughly around 7:06pm, my wonderful, compassionate, and loving mother passed from the pressures and troubles of this life and began her journey into the next life. I hope she is happy and peaceful in heaven now, and I know God and our lord Jesus Christ are watching over her and keeping her safe, comfortable, and free from pain and weakness.

    When there was nothing that could be done, we freed her from all those man-made chemicals and devices, and stayed ...
  8. Please Pray For My Mom

    As you may have noticed, I haven't been too active lately. Some of it was due to a fading interest in Pokémon, but as of late, my family has been going through a very difficult time and I haven't had the time or inspiration to do anything lately.

    My mom, Nadine Rodman, is fighting a thyroid cancer. She's currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment to reduce its size so that it may be surgically removed. She's been at the hospital since July 26 and we've been trying to ...