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  1. Chakramaster's Avatar
    @AWA1997 I read this awhile back, but I myself was going through a really hard time. So I didn't feel it would be right to respond with something lackluster. I am back and feeling as good as ever.

    Let that be a sign for you. We ALL have a hard time here and there. It may not be for a short while either. It'll take hold and have a good grip on life whether we want it to or not. Tugging us down that dark pit. From one thing to another it feels like life is out to keep us down. Things WILL look up. That I can promise you.

    I'm so sorry to hear of your grandfather's passing. It's always terrible to lose a loved one. Prayers to you and your family. May he rest in peace. He will always be with you in heart, soul, and memories. "Never Forget." So much more than just a saying me and a few friends came to go by over the years. If ever you need a shoulder to lean on or someone to help shoulder you or talk to. We are and always will be here for you. Until then, take all the time you need.
  2. Noblejanobii's Avatar
    Aw AWA I'm so sorry to hear that. Take your time. We'll be here when you get back.
  3. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Geez, dude, sorry to hear all that. Trying to cope with the loss of a family member is hard and you definitely have my condolences there.

    Take it easy and take as much time as you need. But if you need people to talk to for whatever reason, we're here.
  4. Cleobel's Avatar
    @AWA1997 Sorry to hear that your grandfather died. :/ May he rest in peace. Please try to take care of yourself. :3
  5. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Oh Awa, I'm so sorry. That's awful. I hope that you can take off more time and just try to take care of yourself. Take all the time you need. <3
  6. AWA1997's Avatar
    Thanks for all the support. As it stands, two of my mom’s brothers are trying to help out as best they can, but they are both out of state, with one only an hour and a half away and the other half the country away. I also may be able to work at Wal-Mart and work at the one in the college town while technically employed in my hometown. Those are the things I see going right at the moment.
  7. Lychee's Avatar
    Seems like there are a lot of people sending you hope, but if you're all in serious danger of being homeless and need some short term help, hit me up. Being homeless is a scary thing. I will do my best to help.
  8. Chakramaster's Avatar
    That is truly awful, Awa. I'm so sorry to hear all of this is happening so close together. No one deserves to be put through so much hurt. Struggles are real in every day society. I just wish we didn't have to suffer through them.

    It may sound stupidly cliche, but hold onto hope. It may seem tough, but when you need it most. Family and friends will always be here for you. Cherish them and everything and everyone you treasure most. Keep those memories forever in your heart and never let go. Sometimes things work out for the better, so hold onto the hope that everything will alright. If ever you need someone to talk to. Even if it's to vent. We are here for you, Awa. Stay strong!
  9. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    I'm so sorry your grandpa isn't doing well and you also have to worry about financial issues. It must be so stressful. I hope things improve soon!
  10. Scytherwolf's Avatar
    This is awful. I really hope things improve for you in some way. Stay strong.
  11. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Holy crap, dude, that's way too much for anyone to deal with all at once.

    You've got to stay strong and persevere. You know the rest of your family wouldn't want you to give up either. Stay close to them, help them, protect them, and comfort them every step of the way. <3
  12. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    AWA that sounds really, really awful. D: I'm so sorry to hear that it's happening. That's really, really hard. I hope things do fall into place for you. Until then, we're here to listen. <3
  13. SassySnivy's Avatar
    Hey, I can't find the right words to express how badly I feel all this is happening to you, but I do hope things get better for you soon. Sick / terminal family members and friends are never easy. Things will get better as long as you keep your head up, keep trying to make the most out of your life experiences and learn as much as you can from all the rough patches in your life. It worked for me, so I can only hope it will work for you. <3