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  1. Greetings! Mein funk Verstaendnis reicht zur Not

    Bond with me, Jimmy.
    One of my big goals in joining this here website is to eventually rack up some old funk-meisters like me who love the classics. Now this isnt my sole-reason for joining, but its a relevant one. I never blogged before but I think its a solid prospect in a forum where alot of the users know eachother in some shape or form. As long as the banhammer isnt too heavy, you know?

    Why the classics? A bad question there son! No I aint talking about NES. Pokemon is ...
  2. Life Update

    Oh boy. This is probably a big thing? I know it's been a while, and a lot has changed. A lot really can change in 3 years. You guys already know I got hit with the Type 2 Diabetes. I have that nastiness on lock, though. Not really any worries there. You already know I got married. That's doing well. The only issue I have is a combination of the 2. Being married, you tend to get a little lax in your physical well being. I'd like for both of us to be more active. For me it would just get me to a spot ...
  3. A bit of an update.

    Hi guys! Hope you're all ok.

    I've missed being on here, being my usual active(ish) user. I do plan on coming back at some point, I have a lot of plans for some art which i'm excited to share with you all and be part of the Pokemon discussions, especially with a certain remake coming out that I have strong opinions about. let's not go there! At least for now. haha. Just wanted to give you all a bit of an update after my last blog post and me becoming a bit MIA.

    So, if ...