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  1. So basically i'm dead (On here anyway)

    NO, i am not having suicidal thoughts, what's going on is that i'm probably done with PXR, i haven't been on in a while and i never found any time to be active again. It's not because of anything anyone did, it's more the fact that i'm busy with other stuff and can't use PXR that much anymore. I might be gone for a while, but hopefully i can return one day. Be seeing you all, it's been fun while it lasted :(

    See you around, my poggers.

    -The Foogle
  2. Chess Tournament Fun

    I am going to write a lot of words because I am passionate about this stuff, but I'm aware not many people on here are as interested as I am, so scroll to the last spoiler for what happened.

    I'm the current president of the chess club at my college. I organized a trip to the Eastern Chess Congress the past two days, because it was literally two minutes from my house and fifteen minutes from school. There were actually seven other people interested, but five ended up going (the finance ...
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  3. No Spoiler B******

    Not even gonna bother putting up a disclaimer.

    This is the first time I've seen a game forum have such an unhealthy obsession over avoiding game spoilers. Which is frankly ludicrous and unheard that a minority can be so whiny and so self-entitled. And to what extent will this nonsense and immaturity go? Every single ****ing thing has to be in spoilers. So I can't use new names in a Fun & Games thread if I don't spoiler it? So I have to spoiler poems and stories if I write about ...

    Updated 08-18-2016 at 11:44 PM by Rival Max

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  4. What

    Someone tell me what's going on with the whole Pikachu vs Ditto thing... I'm so out of the loop o_o

    And please don't link me to those posts that are typed in the roleplay-style because that's not helpful at all.
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  5. Thank You!

    It's seems that this is my final stop.

    I was approached by Harry back in late 2012 to help with him in rebuilding the community from PE2K and creating a new environment, which we know as PokemonCrossroads. That was start of a special journey.

    Today I am resigning from the position of Senior Administrator, due to the lack of time and attention I can commit to this community. I wish everyone success and good fortune. PokemonCrossroads will always mean dear to me, as ...
  6. WAR

    Updated 04-14-2016 at 01:07 PM by Ganyu

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