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  1. Greetings! Mein funk Verstaendnis reicht zur Not

    Bond with me, Jimmy.
    One of my big goals in joining this here website is to eventually rack up some old funk-meisters like me who love the classics. Now this isnt my sole-reason for joining, but its a relevant one. I never blogged before but I think its a solid prospect in a forum where alot of the users know eachother in some shape or form. As long as the banhammer isnt too heavy, you know?

    Why the classics? A bad question there son! No I aint talking about NES. Pokemon is ...
  2. Life Update

    Oh boy. This is probably a big thing? I know it's been a while, and a lot has changed. A lot really can change in 3 years. You guys already know I got hit with the Type 2 Diabetes. I have that nastiness on lock, though. Not really any worries there. You already know I got married. That's doing well. The only issue I have is a combination of the 2. Being married, you tend to get a little lax in your physical well being. I'd like for both of us to be more active. For me it would just get me to a spot ...
  3. The Foogle's Platinum Nuzlocke part 3: Crusades Continue

    Been a bit but here's part 3, where i do the 4th and 5th gyms :3

    the guys so far:

    Twiggy [undead grotle]
    Birb [staravia]
    Makoto [meditite]
    Mitzi [shellos]
    Gigajoule [Luxio]
    [none right now]

    So where we left off i was makin my way to Solaceon after inventing the Postmortem Effect so as to bring back dead pokemon. Nothing really exciting happened during the road to Veilstone, but when we reached our destination, i proceeded ...
  4. The Foogle's Platinum Nuzlocke part 2: Postmortem

    Back at it again with part 2

    The team so far as of part 1:

    Twiggy [grotle]

    Birb [staravia]

    Mitzi [shellos]

    Knockturn [Zubat]

    Gigajoule [Luxio]

    Housewares [geodude]

    Ok so where i left off i was just about to go into the Eterna forest after wiping Roark and Mars with no issues. The forest was no problem, and i also caught a gastly i'll never use. After not being able to find anything ...
  5. The Foogle's Platinum Nuzlocke: Part 1- And so it begins...

    Hello all

    So i decided to do my first ever nuzlocke in my platinum since i constantly keep resetting for some reason and i want to see how far i get until i fail. Thus begins my epic conquest of Sinnoh...

    After starting a game file and purging my old timeline, i mashed A throughout the boring opening dialogue and wishing my “rival”, Trash.E, didn't exist. Upon starter selection time, i went with turtwig since i always picked chimchar and i really like how fun ...
  6. The End of an Era: Former TCG Champion Gives Up the Ghost-type

    "Sold" by Kentucky Fried Torchic
    (Sung to the tune of "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails)

    I sold my cards today
    To see how much I'd make
    A buck for five hundred
    This has to be a fake

    But they are taking space
    And have seen better days
    I focus on the dough
    And sold them anyways

    What have I just done
    My cardboard friends
    Every card I own
    (Well, those without a bend)
  7. Moonlight Silver episode 104--The Afterpost

    This week, Misty competes in a Power-type Pokethlon for her seventh medal, allowing Ami a chance to redeem herself after a less than stellar showing earlier.

    This episode got a major rewrite thanks to Poliwhirl being cut. That said, it was very easy to turn this into a Pokethlon once I rewrote the plot and kicked Team Rocket out--cutting Delaney and making Mason one of Misty's competition.

    Misty's stat list that Casey gave to her in universe is the same list on Bulbapedia--so ...
    Pokemon , Creative Works
  8. Moonlight Silver episode 103--The Afterpost

    This week, Kamon tries to crash an episode of "Oak's Pokemon Talk"--only for his charade to be unmasked!

    This episode still retained its basic plot after I replaced Team Rocket with Kamon--The only major change I had to make was changing Kamon's challenge (and what Oak attempts to do at the beginning) from poetry to storytelling (to also set up for Brock earning his indigo Lore Stripe offscreen)

    Instead of Kamon looking up the answers on a cheat sheet like Team ...

    Updated 11-02-2017 at 02:53 AM by EmeraldSky

    Pokemon , Creative Works
  9. Moonlight Silver episode 102--The Afterpost

    This week, Brock saves an entertainer's show when Team Rocket crashes it to take her Igglybuffs!

    This episode got majorly rewritten--no more is "Takeshi no Paradaisu" the only song Brock knows! In keeping with his remixed personality as a singer-storyteller, he knows a WHOLE lot more than that in the remixed canon. I also explained the origin of the mariachi suit--it is one of several costumes Brock has (and characters to go with them), when he wants to tell a specific type ...
    Pokemon , Creative Works
  10. Moonlight Silver episode 101--The Afterpost

    This week, what starts as a rivalry between Misty and the Fire Trainer Egan ultimately becomes a friendship.

    At first, Kamon was going to make an appearance towards the end, replacing Team Rocket. But the further along I got, and saw that Egan catching the Magcargo with the added wrinkle of his relationship with Misty made a perfectly decent plot, I decided that maybe we didn't need a villain butting in at all, and cut Kamon out as well.

    It was a lot of fun writing ...
    Pokemon , Creative Works
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