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  1. Where have I been?

    Some of you may know that I lost my job back in August. I did manage to find a new job in October but those two months took a toll on me and my belongings. I sold a lot of high value trading cards I had and my spriting computer. I had some spriting stuff saved on my other computer but I've been trying to recreate what was lost, which definitely isn't easy.

    I've also been dealing with a lot of gender related BS, and finally coming to terms with the fact that I'm in a better mood when ...
  2. Fancy New Business Cards

    It only took about four months of me working at my current job for my employer to chip in to get me some nice new business cards with my current position on it. I think they look pretty good, but what do you think?

  3. lets try this blog shenanigans

    welp i dunno what to say

    but screw it. wow my life is boring idunno what to talk about.

    well somthing interesting happend a couple off days ago

    in sweden we have a thing known as prao(you probably have it in your country to but under a different name)
    basically 14 year olds (Me) get a tast off the adult world by working at a jobb for 2 weeks and apparently i was really lucky
    cuz everyone in my class is super annoyed and stressed but i ...
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