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  1. Greetings! Mein funk Verstaendnis reicht zur Not

    Bond with me, Jimmy.
    One of my big goals in joining this here website is to eventually rack up some old funk-meisters like me who love the classics. Now this isnt my sole-reason for joining, but its a relevant one. I never blogged before but I think its a solid prospect in a forum where alot of the users know eachother in some shape or form. As long as the banhammer isnt too heavy, you know?

    Why the classics? A bad question there son! No I aint talking about NES. Pokemon is ...
  2. The Roommate Situation

    SO those of you that have been watching the last poster wins have undoubtedly heard about this **** storm. But you've probably only heard bits and pieces of the full situation so here we go.

    So this situation actually starts about two years ago. My ex-roommate, we'll call her Miss Yandere, was in the same major as one of my suitemates, Rainbow Sunshine. Miss Yandere was apparently a jerk to Rainbow Sunshine all year but she just took it as Miss Yandere being competitive. So she comes ...
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  3. Film Review: Character Development, Smiling Existentialism, and Pleasantville

    This past weekend I had the immense pleasure of rewatching a seminal piece of cinema, Gary Ross's Pleasantville. While I rather enjoyed the film the first time I saw it, about eighteen months ago, upon this viewing, I was struck by powerful emotional and intellectual revelations, to the point where I would say that Pleasantville may be one of my greatest films of all time, joining such noted luminaries as It's a Wonderful Life, Elizabethtown, and RoboCop. Allow me to tell you some of the reasons ...
  4. This is the Beginning of the Blog

    I am starting a blog here. Let me tell you why.

    Last week, I stumbled upon an old friend, in a manner of speaking. During my high school years, I was captivated by the incredible webcomic "Polkout" run by the eponymous Polk Polkster, both named after one of the greatest presidents of the United States, James K. Polk. Out of all of the influences on my sense of humor and life, Polk was one of the biggest. I did not get the chance to tell him so before his website went ...

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  5. It's been a Rough Month

    As some of you may have noticed, lately I've been a bit less active. I've been scrambling to get articles done and all around my posts per day is way down. There's a reason for that. Among several other things, about a month ago an incriminating document was released that condemned our Student Body vice president at my college for trespassing, theft, and sexual harassment and borderline assault. Those of you that know my college can easily read up on the situation just from googling the college's ...
  6. Moving is NOT for me!

    I really don't even know where to start with this. Mom has told me that we are selling the house. Which to me is the worst thing ever. This is the house I grew up in and I've never had to deal with this moving idea ever. I'm not one to truely stress about things I just let things work out but this...I'm ready to find a cliff and jump off. If it's not one thing it's another.

    We've already put the house up for sale which means we have to clean and get rid of a crap ton of stuff. We ...
  7. Busy Busy Busy

    So as some of you may have noticed, my activity has dropped off quite a bit since March started. I assure you it's nothing really major to worry about. I've just had lots of assignments and then some personal issues that have been dealt with for now. Spring break is just around the corner and even though I'll be spending time with my family at the beach, I plan to focus on PXR quite a bit more.

    In case you're wondering what I've been dealing with, here's the highlights of my March. ...
  8. some nature nerds review and rant of planet earth 2 episode 1

    so last christmas i wanted two things pokemon sun version and planet earth 2 on dvd

    did i get any off them...nope, good freaking job parents anyways

    a couple off days ago i was able to watch the swedish dub of it

    so here is a review:

    well first off because it was the swedish dub i didn't get to hear the amazing voice off sir david attenborough with was a bit off a bummer but the swedish narrator is not that bad
    as i have gotten ...
    Rants , Entertainment
  9. So, my save of Pokemon Sun just went belly up.

    Weeeell. I just accidentally corrupted my save data for pokemon Sun.
    Since it was taking up so much room on my memory card, I tried to install it on another one, and it just broke the save. :( So now I'm back to square one...
    You'd think there'd be some warning to let you know it can only be installed on one memory card, but no, instead it just corrupts the old save. :/

    Worst of all is I've lost the Mewnium Z. Really, only getting one per account of Bank was a stupid ...
    Pokemon , Rants
  10. ~ Learn to fight alone ~

    I'm not one to actually rant out or actually share too much of my real life stuff to anyone other than a very handful few, and I saw these blog entries as my gateway of some sort xD

    Ever since I remember, I have been independant. I was never close with my family (or so called blood) ever since my mother passed away when I was like 11 years old. It was very difficult for me, as back then, as much as a kid I was, I didn't really know or feel that much of a pain of losing a loved one.
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