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  1. Attorney vs Witness A BATTLE TO THE DEATH!!

    So today was the regionals in mock trial for where I live and needless to say my first year in mock trial was nothing sort of interesting.

    To give you a little background on this case so that you aren't completely clueless when I go into my story of my favorite part of the day, I was the defendant Peyton Scott. My professor Dr. Hayden Malloy was hired by Reese Carns, the director of operations of Holden's (essentially a target or Walmart but smaller and is completely fake), to test ...
  2. Pseudonyms

    Are hard to think of.

    Especially when I find it hard to stick to a name.

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  3. Prepare for an Epic Adventure.

    MageQuest will return sooner or later. Hold on to your hats, for an RPG-esque forum adventure awaits.

    …When exactly it will come out is up to interpretation.
  4. Three Minus One

    Have you ever introduced a friend to another friend and over time, those two friends become very close, close to the point where it feels like you are just intruding or imposing or being relegated to a third wheeler/tag-along friend, and you start having this feeling or fear of being forgotten and no longer relevant to the friendship? Especially when it seems like those two people are having such an amazing time just being in each other's company that you feel like you don't belong in the same social ...

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  5. Ted's Jar

    Ted had a jar. He didn't know what to do with it, so he threw it away.

    The end
  6. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Now now. Understandably, I still have one last report to handle.... And the deadline is tomorrow night. But that's okay! I decided to take a short break to bring you all these tunes! I would've posted it as a thread but... I didn't know where to put it! So I thought I'd leave it here. C:

    Anyways... Happy Valentine's day, y'all! I hope your day goes well! ^w^
  7. Time to Use My Ventilation Fan

    It is really rare for me to vent, since when it comes to anger and its adjectives I am Phlegmatic, but this one really struck up a nerve or twenty thousand.

    Okay, see, I am experiencing a severe case of my phobia. Of the dark. Of being alone. Because I watched my classmates back then playing a horror video game. Emphasis on watched. I EVEN MADE SURE TO LOOK AWAY FROM THE HORRORS. I felt none about the game, but I got so curious I searched it on TV Tropes.

    Long story ...
  8. Happy (Early) Valentine's Day!

    So today turned out really nicely! Work was a bit of a pain, though, but it had its good moments.

    I got home and was expecting David to be over soon, so I just chilled on my computer for a while, listening to some creepypasta...pretty much the norm for me.

    I got a text from David that said "come outside." I was surprised he had gotten here so soon, but I decided I'd humor him because usually he just walks right in.

    I met him outside and was ...

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  9. A day in Viridian's life - Day #2: Blog Information & Story coming soon?

    Hello, fellow forumers! This is Viridian with another blog. This blog will be containing some information on how future blogs will go, and what the circumstances will be when I do make one. Apart from that, more information on the story that is up and coming.

    Blog Information

    So, I have decided I will only make a blog whenever something interesting happens in my daily routine (school, internetting, etc, etc.), or if just anything interesting in general happens. This ...

    Updated 02-09-2015 at 01:55 PM by Viridian

  10. School!

    Hey y'all!

    Just a short blog today. I've been busy, if some of you might've been able to gather. ^w^ Busy with school stuff! Busy weeks ahead as project-week draws close and I've got tons of submissions and such! So I won't be around for a short bit. Maybe a week or two! But fret not! I'll be back and animating as usual. .w.
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