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  1. Vent

    I don't know, I don't really have anywhere else to post this, but I'm just dreading the future and feeling like I'm going nowhere, but not for the "usual" reasons.

    I don't care about getting some important job. I don't care about being a great writer or plush maker or artist or whatever. I don't care about having a ton of extra money outside of having some for emergencies and maybe being able to travel to inspiring places once in a while or something. I dunno, even being ...
  2. Tired.

    That word, ive been saying it a lot lately. I am tired. Im tired.
    "Oh then go to sleep"
    "Oh drink some coffee to wake you up"
    "It is 5pm, ear a pancake you sod"
    "You dont know what tired is"

    Yea. I mean, i guess you can use the word tired for the sense of lack of sleep. I dont sleep, so yea, im physically tired. Ive barely slept for tbe past 14 years. I have perminant bags under my eyes. Bur that isnt the tired im ...
  3. My dilemma: Should I sell fan art? (Plus Bo)

    So the title explains itself really.
    I'm currently planning out my reopening of my Etsy shop and me selling my illustrations and I'm a bit lost to the direction I want to go. I'm definitely wanting to do original works. I've got an aspiration to have my own comic book series and I have the characters, story and everything planned for it, I just need to set things in motion for it but first I want to kick off my illustration selling business first.

    I am definitely sure about ...
  4. shroot

  5. Just another lost graduate.

    Hi guys,

    Need to get my thoughts out and ask for a little advice. A lot has happened since my last vlog, most not really that great.

    So, I officially graduated on the 16th July, so I am now officially a fully qualified Graphic Designer. I do wish I felt like one though. A few days after I graduated. Then, after of 5 days at my job and my first bad day, they told me 'it wasn't working' and basically blamed my lack of experience, which they knew about, as the reason they ...
  6. Getting thoughts out

    A small warning to those that don't like or can't take talk that may SEEM negative or thoughts in a way that bother someone else. If you can't take it or don't think it suits you, then click away. You have no reason to complain otherwise.

    So with this small break I'm taking (though still making a post here and there). I've been trying to think some things out. Some tough, some nice and friendly, some more hurtful. It can be nice to take time to just sit back and contemplate things, ...
  7. I finally conquered one (1) fear!

    So a few years ago, I have talked about how a certain video game has left me irrationally afraid of. It's FNAF btw.

    I don't remember the details but from watching playthroughs while hiding from jumpscares, over the last few months I've been exposing myself to the jjumpscares itself and even watched jumpscare compilations. Now I think they're hilarious I guess? LOL

    Also watching 50/20 cleared plays of UCN is like the kiddie pool for me, which exponentially helped me ...
  8. Melbourne travel journal - Part 3

    Hello everybody! Here is the third (and final) part of my travel journal (I am posting it on PXR sooner than expected because I purchased in-flight Wi-Fi) :

    Sunday, July 28, 2019 :

    For breakfast, I ate coconut yoghurt, some bread with Vegemite and a banana. It was delicious. Then, I explored the Internet for a while, I got ready, I bought a sandwich at a Subway and I took the train at Flinders Station. On the train, I wrote letters for my Aussie friends.

    Updated 08-01-2019 at 12:10 PM by Cleobel

  9. Fortnite: Battle Royale- Season 9 Review

    Today is the very last day of Fortnite's 9th season, so i thought maybe i could review it and share my thoughts on how well it did! I'll be going over:
    -New areas, What went away, and Functionalities (vehicles, etc)
    -New Weapons
    -The Battle Pass
    -Events (LTMs, live events)

    Here we go, then!
    -New Areas/ Functionalities

    With Tilted Towers and Retail row being destroyed by a volcano eruption last season, Neo Tilted and Mega Mall took ...

    ladies and defaults, i come to claim and celebrate the thousandth entry in the blog! i'm honored to have claimed this entry and i hope you share my glory!!!

    (please disregard/delete my thread i misposted lol XD ROFL)
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