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  1. Thumbs Up!

    This is just to say:

    My fingers, particularly my thumbs for this blog, can be bent at a right angle or even more, as if I don't have joints in them.

    And I'm happy that someone else have the condition that I can relate to :D



    sidenote: that's the guy in my signature btw haha

    P.S. ...

    Updated 03-18-2018 at 04:18 PM by Voltaire Magneton

  2. The End of an Era: Former TCG Champion Gives Up the Ghost-type

    "Sold" by Kentucky Fried Torchic
    (Sung to the tune of "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails)

    I sold my cards today
    To see how much I'd make
    A buck for five hundred
    This has to be a fake

    But they are taking space
    And have seen better days
    I focus on the dough
    And sold them anyways

    What have I just done
    My cardboard friends
    Every card I own
    (Well, those without a bend)
  3. prankd about being prankd

    plot twist

    i was serious before

    i'm a Bulbasaur not an Emolga
  4. WARNING: Emolga Flu on the loose

    This is a Public Service Announcement.

    It appears that a mutated strain of the Pika Flu has swept through many members of the moderator staff. Dubbed Emolga Flu, we are not entirely sure where it came from or what it's side effects are other than the obvious. We are currently tracking down the source of the flu's mutation and hope to locate it soon. In the mean time, avoid the contaminated mod staff as you can, and if you have any urges to fly or start sneezing electricity, contact ...

    Updated 02-26-2018 at 07:35 PM by Noblejanobii

  5. prankd

    Hey, I just wanted to tell you guys something that's been on my mind...

    I'm an Emolga.

    Not a Bulbasaur.

    They said I could be anything I wanted...

    So I became an Emolga.

    i am totally winging this blog post

    Anyways, yeah. I always wished I was a Bulbasaur, so I made my username Bulbasaur. Just like Dragon Master Mike always wished he was a master of dragons named Mike.

    You know what sucks, though? ...
  6. A Sudden Change...(silly Mod Ch)

    Well today marks the day something odd happened. I woke up to some weird smell. I felt all weird and body felt different. Trying to get up posed a bit more...difficult than usual. Suddenly looking down at my arms. I fur no longer yellow. In fact, it was white. It even felt like something was caught up underneath my arms, but I ignored this.

    I'm able to finally push myself out of my bed and slowly walk over to a mirror. To my surprise...I had be ...

    Updated 03-04-2018 at 03:22 AM by Chakramaster

  7. I'm Still Alive

    Although i'm dead inside because F---ing Monikammmmmmmmmmmmmmm-

    so.... er... I've been pretty much completely absent from the forums.

    Wow, I just looked at the date I joined the forum. It's kinda scary that it's been five years.

    I feel kinda bad that three people wished me Happy Valentines day during the event but I didn't even realize the event was happening until today because I haven't even been on the forum since Eric's event ended like a month ago. ...
  8. Fancy New Business Cards

    It only took about four months of me working at my current job for my employer to chip in to get me some nice new business cards with my current position on it. I think they look pretty good, but what do you think?

  9. Horror Games and Stuff

    (warnings on horror games and stuff i guess also maybe spoilers but ill try not to!)

    If you remember reading my blog entry from long ago about being irrationally afraid of a video game, well I still am. BTW, the game is FNAF, so please don't make me see anything from that game haha

    But recently, I've gotten hooked to two games that are classified as horror, and I actually enjoy those, and I didn't get an irrational fear over them. Character Development for me, I guess ...
    Slice of Life , Misc.
  10. These people should be victims of natural selection

    Us: “We feel uncomfortable banning people from this place without a reason being given to us”
    Them: "We can't tell you why because we don't want to pressure victims."
    Us: "Fair enough, but can you make it so that you can tell us stuff as vague as, say 'sexual harrassment' or 'assault' without giving anything away specifically???"
    Them: "..."
    Them: “What if we made it so that decision can be made by 2 people instead of the 150 people affected ...
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