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    Quote Originally Posted by AD
    No, this is Patrick
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulbasaur
    This isn't Rick Roll.
    No, this is Patrick
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    This isn't Rick Roll.
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    So the surprise of being surprised was a surprise in a non-surprise, thus, being surprised. Got it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SassySnivy
    LOL, where tf did you reappear from :p
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    LOL, where tf did you reappear from :p
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    Actually, I expected nothing, so totally not surprised at all. Thai harder next time. :p
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    The real surprise is that you're back on PXR! Welcome back, @Fate! :D
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    It's because I'm the real surprise!

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    @Neo Emolga thank you for your suggestions and sharing your experience, I relate to most of that to be honest. Theres still a lot of pain with a lot of stuff related to her and the things after her death. Like you, some songs I can't listen to, like any Whitney Houston songs as she was my mom's favourite singer and we had two of her songs played at the funeral. My sister wants me to design a poster with the lyrics to "The greatest love of all", moms favourite song that we had for the main song of her funeral for each of us to have as a memorial for mom in our houses and stuff and when I tried to do it I broke down, not even listening to the song, just reading the lyrics.

    I'm going to start a bit of a scrapbook I think of memories for mom. I've noted down some I can remember and that would be nice to have. I already have a scrapbook sort of thing done which is my life story book. As I was adopted I had to have one to document where I came from and the process of my adoption and it has a lot of me and my mom in there so that's nice. I redesigned it to make it nicer last year as part of my degree and I'm glad my mom got to see it before she died. She was always so proud of her fostering and adopting. We also have found maybe 4 huge boxes of family photos at my dad's house so when the lockdown mess in the UK is over we are going to have a family gathering and go through them all.

    My girlfriend has also got some of my mom's dresses and is going to make some memorial teddies for us out of them which is really nice. A nice thing for us to have. I'm also trying to sort out getting a rose bush for mom in our local cemetery. She loved roses and we can't really afford a grave plot so we just want somewhere to visit and maybe scatter some ashes as a resting place.

    It's been almost two months now and i'm still in pieces but I'm getting there. Just worried about my dad now as he's had to have a dementia assessment and shortly after mom's death because of the stress he had a minor stroke. Everything is just getting better in the year of 2020 isn't it..

    Ended up quitting my job because my mental health is in tatters and work was making it worse as they were being insensitive. I could go on about all that as it's terrible but I won't. I've got another job but i'm just waiting on a start date now.

    Thanks again for your suggestions. Just need to work on being happy again now i guess. :)