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Moonlight Silver episode 104--The Afterpost

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This week, Misty competes in a Power-type Pokethlon for her seventh medal, allowing Ami a chance to redeem herself after a less than stellar showing earlier.

This episode got a major rewrite thanks to Poliwhirl being cut. That said, it was very easy to turn this into a Pokethlon once I rewrote the plot and kicked Team Rocket out--cutting Delaney and making Mason one of Misty's competition.

Misty's stat list that Casey gave to her in universe is the same list on Bulbapedia--so the group's observations on the Pokemon Misty has are in fact correct

At the start of the episode, Misty and Brock do foreshadow a little bit of Lightning Yellow--while Ash's match against Brock is still a gimme, he will earn a Cascade Badge fair and square in the remix (in keeping with the rule that evil teams will not crash competitions unless the original was too funny not to cut, or it is important the evil team crash everything.

Next time, Brock completes his Lore Stage Rainbow with some special guests looking on!

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