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Dragon Master Mike

I'm Still Alive

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Although i'm dead inside because F---ing Monikammmmmmmmmmmmmmm-

so.... er... I've been pretty much completely absent from the forums.

Wow, I just looked at the date I joined the forum. It's kinda scary that it's been five years.

I feel kinda bad that three people wished me Happy Valentines day during the event but I didn't even realize the event was happening until today because I haven't even been on the forum since Eric's event ended like a month ago.

So as for where I've been for like, over a year now that I've been inactive, I really can't say I've been anywhere in particular, or that I've been too busy to come on or anything. GCEA and ASB both went inactive, and I was never super active outside of those sections. So I kind of just started coming on less and less after that. I really miss when we used to do game nights with CAH and ToS and Gmod, but those stopped a while back too.

Now that I'm done spewing nonsense, how is everyone?

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  1. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    Hey Mike! Great to see you back! Just in time for gcea restarting :)

    I think there's been a bit of talk about game nights so they might happen again soon.
  2. AD's Avatar
  3. Fate's Avatar
    Who the hell are you?
  4. Chakramaster's Avatar
    Ah, another that's fallen prey to Monika. Tsk tsk tsk. Maybe your laugh will fix that! :D

    Great to see you again, Mike! I do still have plans to bring back PXR Game Nights. Hopefully soon I can do something about it to fix that so we can all play some CAH or ToS again! :D
  5. Bulbasaur's Avatar
  6. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Who is Monikammmmmmmmmmmmmmm?!