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Goodbye Oakie.

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Hi all.
So, haven't spoken about my lizard for a while and this will be the last time I do so.
Some of you may remember Oakie from a while ago when I used to have two lizards. If not, here's the little beauty.

Oakie had so many things wrong with him, from broken bones to blind in one eye but he kept on going and always was active, fast and had a little temper to match so I thought he was going to fight on forever but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
A few days ago, he suddenly turned for the worst. He wasn't moving much which was odd because he was always so fast and active. He was eating though so I just thought he was being lazy. Fast forward to today, he is now refusing decided to have him put down. I can't bare to see him like this.
It's been so strange having him for the past 3 years. A complete change to Spike. Spike was chilled out and friendly whereas Oakie was nervous, cocky and aggressive but it has been amazing to be able to tame him and to see him become to trust me and befriend me. I've got so many scars from his bites so I will take them forward as memory of him. I don't regret having him but I do regret all the problems he had. He always soldiered on so I never thought this would happen.
Wasn't going to post about this because it's depressing and some may not care but I know a few of you liked the pictures i posted of him and like when Spike died, felt like I needed to let you guys know.
Goodbye Oakie, my real life Sceptile, it was a blast and sorry you had all the problems you did.
Go join Spike in Lizard heaven.

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  1. Coru's Avatar
    Oh, you can't edit blog posts I guess. I noticed a mistake I made. Sorry. "He is now refusing to eat so I have decided to have him put down."
    Sorry it didn't make sense. Was typing this quick because I just wanted to get it out without getting too worked up.
  2. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Sorry to hear this, dude, losing pets sucks immensely. Those are some really great pictures you took of him, though. Hold onto those and keep them in a safe place even if they're already in your heart.
  3. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Coru Sorry to hear about Oakie's death. :( May he rest in peace. I can't imagine the grief you feel after losing your beloved lizard. My heart goes out to you as you mourn the loss of your family member, playmate and friend. I know you wouldn't want me to jump all over you the way Oakie did, but I will try to be a good listener for you if you need to talk.
  4. Coru's Avatar
    @Neo Emolga Thank you. At least with Oakie I have all the pictures of him. When Spike died my phone broke and I lost almost all the pictures of him so that made it worse. I decided to put off going to the vet today just to give him one last day to see if he will pick up and he died at home in his cage. If anything that gives me peace because I know he wasn't stressed and anxious when he went. @Cleobel Thank you. He definitely was a character. I feel like I was closer to Spike but because of Oakie's stronger character I'm going to miss his being around more. I'll miss his energy and even his moodiness. I love having pets but hate this part the most. It's unbearable.
  5. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Coru I hope the pain in your heart will be eased by the beautiful memories you have of Oakie. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. :(
  6. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    @Coru I'm so, so sorry to hear about Oakie. :( I'm sorry I'm late to this blog post as well. But it's awful when pets die... It was really tough to say goodbye to my cockatiel two years ago. But you loved and cared for Oakie the best way you could, and always loved him. <3
  7. Coru's Avatar
    @Suicune's Fire Thank you. It's for the best i guess because he did have a fair few problems because he was such a high maintenance but because it was so sudden it was a bit of a shock. I'm glad he went while in his cage at home though because he never liked the vets and it stressed him so I didn't want that to be the last thing he experienced. I'll never get another Basilisk Lizard I think because Oakie was such a big character and was so hard to maintain, but I think i'll miss him the most due to that aspect of him. Still feels weird not having a pet because even when Spike died I still had Oakie. It feels quite empty and quite in my room now. I really want to get a snake or something or another bearded dragon because I really miss having Spike but I won't be able to get another pet for a few years.