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Chess Tournament Fun

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I am going to write a lot of words because I am passionate about this stuff, but I'm aware not many people on here are as interested as I am, so scroll to the last spoiler for what happened.

I'm the current president of the chess club at my college. I organized a trip to the Eastern Chess Congress the past two days, because it was literally two minutes from my house and fifteen minutes from school. There were actually seven other people interested, but five ended up going (the finance board only would fund five). It was a very pleasant surprise to see so many freshmen interested in chess competition, as we had no new freshmen compete last year.

A little information about how chess tournaments work. Everyone has a rating that represents how good they are (unless they haven't played any rated tournaments, and we had two people that hadn't at the tournament from my college). The tournaments have different sections you can enter, based on your rating. The sections in this tournament were Under 1250, Under 1500, Under 1700, Under 1900, Under 2100 and Premier. The section names are pretty self-explanatory; if you are rated 1400, you can't play in Under 1250, but you can play in any other section. Under 1500 would be the ideal section, but you could play in any higher section (except for Premier) if you're confident.

Myself and three others from my school played in Under 1250 (my rating was 1062 prior to the tournament), and the last one played in Under 1900. The highest my rating has ever been was 1216, but I hadn't played well at my last tournaments. So I wasn't sure how well I would do, especially since the majority of people in my section were over 900. I thought it would be even competition.

The tournament consisted of five games: three on Saturday, two on Sunday. My first game was against a guy rated about 600, and it went fairly smoothly. He had a decent-sized threat at the end, but I also had a huge attack on him, and was able to checkmate him.

My second game was against an unrated player, which meant I had no way of telling how good he was before the game. It turned out that he was actually pretty good, and the first half of the game was pretty even. However, he made a poor move halfway through that opened a path to his king, and I was able make a good attack with some moves I was really proud of.

I was black, and it was my turn to move in this position. The continuation is in another spoiler.

...Raf8 21. Bxg7? Qxb1 22. Bxf8?? Rf1+ 0-1

I have to do schoolwork bad, so I'll finish this summary in another blog entry. Here's the spoiler of the outcome of the tournament:

I won $112 USD at a chess tournament by winning four games and losing one (the last one :[).

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