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A Crossroads

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I have come to the point, like every other time that has come before this, where i am at a crossroads in life. This intro may sound familiar, that is because i stole my own intro from a other blog of mine.

But here I am, thinking I want to be active and vibrant when my bod doesn't allow me the opportunity to do so. It would rather be lazy and forget the world than give me an inch to go on. Not just active in life, active online, and not just youtube that I literally listen to daily. I mean active on the forums, active on showdown, active on the greatest game of all time rocket league.

This blog wont be about that, this blog is about that feeling, that hollow feeling of a crossroad, ripping your soul with indecisive fury.

It sucks, and at times can be boring.

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  1. Fate's Avatar
    I'd pick the left path.
  2. AD's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fate
    I'd pick the left path.
    As you take the left path, you get sucked into the soul crushing captialism of politics and businesses and chicken tenders. You get so swept up, that you forgot that i could ride my bike with no handlebars
  3. Fate's Avatar
    I changed my mind. I'd take the right path. It's decidedly less sinister.
  4. AD's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fate
    I changed my mind. I'd take the right path. It's decidedly less sinister.
    I mean, the dude that took that path died, so.

  5. Cleobel's Avatar
    @N7 If you are at a crossroads, why don't you choose the path that leads to Pokemon Crossroads? :)
  6. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    You were supposed to choose the square and go up.
  7. AD's Avatar
    @Cleobel I am trying, Cleo, i am trying. My lass thinks its weird.
    @Neo Emolga
    There are no ladders in this game, plus, a two dimensional tree is blocking the way.
  8. Chakramaster's Avatar
    Sometimes we just need to change things up for a little while. I know I have times where I wanna play certain games, then move away, certain anime I’ll watch then stop, places I’ll visit then stop. Interests are a weird thing.

    Ever have a game you wanna share or play with us shout us out! Like Rocket League. I jump on that from time to time still.....only on Steam though. There’s a bunch of other games too. Then the randomness that happens here of course which is near daily!
  9. AD's Avatar
    Funny you say that, ive been addicted to Rocket League for a while
  10. Chakramaster's Avatar
    @N7 well I may not be super special amazing at the game, but I like getting to play it with friends. Trying to get those golden boxes for the event before it ends too.
  11. AD's Avatar
    I think i have like 5 left to go. Though, the only good thing i got was a Snakeskin for my Octane and some cobalt painted wheels