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When Hell freezes over!

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And it has

This just gave me a good chuckle. Time to cash in on all those supermodel dates y'all.

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  1. [Desolate Divine]'s Avatar
    Now I wish the girls that rejected me said when hell freezes over 😥😥😥
  2. AWA1997's Avatar
    Oh wow. I’m not sure if it’s in Michigan, but I actually found a picture many years ago about Hell freezing over, it just didn’t involve the tragedy of that story.

  3. AD's Avatar
    What i learned from this is that snowplows are evil
  4. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Funny how it was arctic disaster all last week and this week it's been as high as 50F!

    Yeah, I don't do too well with rapid-fire temperature changes. :P