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Rival Max

My God! Australia Doesn't Exist!

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Get ready for chills to run down your spin. The internet has cracked possibly the biggest case ever. At first I laughed it off too but then I realized in my 30 plus years of life Ive never met someone who has actually been there. Sure youll say what about the aussies on the forum but what if they are apart it this global conspiracy!

It turns out that our friends from Australia are either actors or AIs! My god !

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  1. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    if (identityQuestioned)
    "I do assure you, life form, that we are humans participating in regular human activities as consuming sustenance, becoming willingly unconscious for recovery purposes, and engaging in regular respiration.";
  2. Brettles's Avatar
    "I say old chap, verily what art thou alluding with thy discussion, hencefoth?"

    oops I mean

    "Yeah, nah, G'day mate! All bonza down here! Flat out like a lizard drinking! Strewth!"
  3. Caunadan's Avatar
    The Aussie sh*tposters have been sh*tposting and trolling about their nationality the whole time! Should have known...
  4. Bulbasaur's Avatar
    I've been telling you all along! Dinosaur Island is fake!
  5. AD's Avatar
    No one cared who they were until they took of the mask