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Yet again, the activity bug has bitten me in the boiyos and i am here with a vengence. Now, you all know me. The raging inferno of impulses blazes in me worse than...well, im not gonna make that joke..

Anyway, PokeCommunity! Ive been a member for..well a very long time. Though, ive been on Serebii for far too long. Anyway x2, Ive had the same name for 6 YEARS. Unheard of! Especially for me! So what am i gonna do?

I have no clue you choose for me, im too lazy to think.

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  1. Fate's Avatar
    You were the last kid, so kinda had no choice but to choose you. Maybe you can keep score or something?
  2. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Are you okay?
  3. AD's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Suicune's Fire
    Are you okay?
    Im not okay, i promise.

    Drats, every time
  4. Chakramaster's Avatar
    Define okay? Well umm....Yeah I got nothing....this time. Maybe next time!