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Following my dream

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My dream is to be in a band; a band that records albums, goes touring, and all that good stuff that comes with getting your name out there.

Recently, I think I've made good progress towards this dream. Last August, I left my band I had been with for almost two years. It was a hard choice, because I really connected with the guys and they were becoming almost family to me. The problem was that they were younger; the next oldest two were just starting college, and I was starting my junior year in college. I don't mean that in the sense that they weren't mature enough for me, because we all know I can be pretty immature with some of my humor.

The issue was it was a lot harder to find band members in the area at that age. We never had a solid lineup; we were looking for a drummer and singer for months and months. Ads were put out everywhere, and I think we only really auditioned two singers that didn't work for us. We eventually found a solid drummer and singer, but the singer left after a few months. I didn't want to go through that searching process again; I just wanted to play out. So after weighing out the pros and cons, I left. I sort of regretted it at first, just because I missed looking forward to band rehearsals every week. But what was done was done, so I kept up search for a new band.

Enter The Antics. I saw their ad on Craigslist. They had been around since 2009, released two albums, and in general seemed serious and well-established. My only uncertainty was honestly whether or not I'd be good enough for them; after all, I was sure they had higher standards than some other band ads on Craigslist. But I sent them a text, and before long, I got an audition.

I learned most of the songs they sent me from their new album in preparation. At the audition, it felt great to play with other skilled musicians again. I really liked their sound and in general the fact that their rehearsals were more structured than previous bands, and I think they were pretty impressed with my ability to pick up on things. We continued jamming, and I was brought into the band to play bass.

After a few months of rehearsals, we were ready to play out. Luckily, they had played many shows in the past and had a decent following from the sounds of it, so we had a good amount of show opportunities. We were pretty much rebuilding the success from scratch, though, but I'm sure the band's past made us look better when booking gigs. Unfortunately, our first few gigs didn't have many people watching, because we were placed as the last band. Our most recent gig was a step up, though, because were played second, which was probably the best possible spot to play because people had pretty much settled in. The venue even wanted us back, so another show there is in the works.

I am super excited for a certain show, though. Maybe some of you have heard of the band Peelander-Z? We're opening for them on April 19th! They've been around since 1998, and have played at festivals like Warped Tour. I'm really excited to see how that show goes!

So I'm finally making good progress with my future music career. Still far from my dream, but I'm much closer then I was last year. Hype!

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  1. Cleobel's Avatar
    Congratulations on joining The Antics, @Bulbasaur! Good luck with your music career! :D
  2. Noblejanobii's Avatar
    That's great to hear! Best of luck to you dude! You're gonna do great!