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Preparing for jet lag

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Hello everybody! As you already know, I'm going to Melbourne soon and I really look forward to this trip. :D
However, I don't look forward to the jet lag. So, I'm going to start shifting my sleep schedule a few days before my trip in order to reduce the jet lag.
I thought I could write a blog entry about this, so you won't be surprised if you see that I'm online on PXR at unusual times. :)

Here is when I plan to sleep (in Brussels time) once I start shifting my sleep schedule :

-From July 8 at 10 PM until July 9 at 6 AM
-From July 9 at 9 PM until July 10 at 5 AM
-From July 10 at 8 PM until July 11 at 4 AM
-From July 11 at 7 PM until July 12 at 3 AM
-From July 12 at 6 PM until July 13 at 2 AM
-From July 13 at 5 PM until July 14 at 1 AM
-From July 14 at 4 PM until July 15 at midnight
-From July 15 at 3 PM until July 15 at 11 PM

Which means, in Melbourne time :

-From July 9 at 6 AM until July 9 at 2 PM
-From July 10 at 5 AM until July 10 at 1 PM
-From July 11 at 4 AM until July 11 at noon
-From July 12 at 3 AM until July 12 at 11 AM
-From July 13 at 2 AM until July 13 at 10 AM
-From July 14 at 1 AM until July 14 at 9 AM
-From July 15 at midnight until July 15 at 8 AM
-From July 15 at 11 PM until July 16 at 7 AM

I really hope I will be able to do this successfully.

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Ooh, that sounds really difficult! And hey, it's a lot easier to adjust when you're already at your destination (at least, that's what I find) because of when the sun rises and falls, so if you're finding that going to sleep early afternoon doesn't work, don't worry too much about it. What I've done is basically deprive myself of sleep on the first day I arrive, then sleep when a normal time to sleep would be, and my body gives in because it's exhausted. XD But, I hope your way works! Good luck!
  2. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    This does sound tough! Are you usually good at falling asleep? I find it hard to sleep when it's light, so I agree with Xanthe that it's easier to shift once you arrive because your body naturally reacts to the sun. This sounds like an interesting experiment though, good luck!
  3. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Suicune's Fire @Pokemon Trainer Sarah Thank you for your comments!
    When I went to the US a few years ago, it was difficult for me to adjust to the local time, although I forced myself to go to bed at an appropriate time during the first night (and the following nights). I even missed out on a fun activity because I was too exhausted due to the jet lag, even though that activity happened several days after I arrived.
    However, adjusting to Brussels time again after I got back home was even more difficult : I couldn't sleep until about 4 AM and I woke up around 11 AM / noon (I never wake up that late when I'm not dealing with jet lag). In order to go to Melbourne, I will travel to the east again... and I definitely don't want to wake up so late again.
    Regarding the sun, my schedule is not the same as the sun's schedule anyway, even when I'm not trying to prepare for jet lag. In addition, there are good window shutters in my bedroom and I plan to use a sleep mask.
    That's why I would like to shift my sleep schedule before going to Melbourne, especially as I have sleep issues. I'm terrible at falling asleep. I'm glad your way to adjust to another timezone works for you, though.
    Thank you for wishing me good luck!