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    For behold, a darkness swells and breaks upon the rising dawn, the rising sun. Know this, for we have all seen what is arriving to us, crashing upon us like waves on a ceaseless shore. Those wiser and who see the stars of philosophy have spoken about it, their speech marred with fear and superstition. Men of the natural world, who wish to turn lead to gold and gold to eternity have studied it, their brows furrowed and their throats parched from lack of discovery. The warlords have listened to it, their hearts pounding as they command their people to a Final War. Prophets have predicted it, their followers frenzied for blood and redemption, their hands reaching for the divine.

    Know this, for what they see is a great green FOOT, as wide as a mountain and as tall as the sky. The FOOT belongs to a SHROOT, god of the green, of fantasy and of nature incarnate, incomprehensible to Man and Myth alike. The world was young when he was old, and old he will be, for he predates everything: Man, the Tower, Time, and Mystery. His great FOOT will collapse the Earth, and all will cry out: for life, for love, in rage and in sorrow. For he is SHROOT, lord of the FOOT, and he is the End.
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    Isn't this magical! Shroot has found a way to go beyond!