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Fortnite Battle Royale: Season 10/X Review

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Hello all

Today is the last day of Fortnite's 10th season, and the theme was Time. Since the game is down for some odd reason after the live event, i'll be continuing what i did for Season 9 and go over what the game brought to the table!

*Note* I'm not going over weapons since that would take too long


Season X brought many new areas as well as old favorites with a twist to the island, in the form of areas called Rift Zones. Here they are, not in order.

Dusty Depot
The OG location lost to us in Season 3 has returned, frozen in time at the mere moment before the meteor struck it, the massive rock hanging above it still. The old factory P.O.I is also back nearby.

Retail Row
-Another area from older seasons, this area's gimmick is the return of the zombies seen in Fortnitemares and Horde Rush.

Tilted Town/Gotham City

The modern Neo Tilted introduced last season was replaced with Tilted Town, an old western town where you cannot build or break objects while in the area. This changed, however, later on when Gotham City- yes, from Batman- replaced it in honor of their Batman crossover. In this area, you get glider redeploy in the form of black leather bat wings.

Greasy Grove

The old area gone in season 7 is back, but now instead of a hamburger restaurant, a taco restaurant replaces it, as well as an occasional moment where festive mexican music plays and your character has tacos in their hands, completely invincible and unable to attack for a short time.

Moisty Palms

This area is a mashup of long lost Moisty Mire and Paradise Palms, turning the land into a desert/swamp, in which crouching enables you to become a prop.

Starry Suburbs

This area brings back a P.O.I where little stars fall from the sky, and interacting with them gives you a good weapon.

Floating Island

My love child from season 6, the floating island with Kevin the purple cube has returned, but this time, the old Motel P.O.I is atop the island too

Pandora [temporary]

In honor of the release of Borderlands 3, Epic made a Rift Zone out of the adobe village near Paradise, turning it into a wasteland that looks like Borderlands setting Pandora. Along with the thickened lines, a player's shield is filled when damage is not taken. This area did not last all season, though.

There was one new vehicle added to the game called the B.R.U.T.E mech, a 2 person robot suit that lets you boost forward and shoot missiles and a shotgun. This vehicle was too problematic, however, so it was removed in the last few weeks.


The live event this season was called The End, and the rocket being built at Dusty Depot was launched, sending missiles everywhere, eventually bringing the meteor into a rift over Loot Lake where the Zero Point orb is. This caused the entire map to be erased from existence, leaving a black hole in its wake. The game is unplayable as of now, but a massive change is apparently coming to the game.

MY REVIEW: This season was a blast and i love it, if it wasn't for Greasy and the mechs it would be a perfect score- 9.5/10

Did you play this season? What are your thoughts? let me know in the comments!

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