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The Foogle

The Foogle's Platinum Nuzlocke: Part 1- And so it begins...

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Hello all

So i decided to do my first ever nuzlocke in my platinum since i constantly keep resetting for some reason and i want to see how far i get until i fail. Thus begins my epic conquest of Sinnoh...

After starting a game file and purging my old timeline, i mashed A throughout the boring opening dialogue and wishing my “rival”, Trash.E, didn't exist. Upon starter selection time, i went with turtwig since i always picked chimchar and i really like how fun torterra is. after slaying Trash.E and his Leer spamming chimchar, i had to go through the stupid introduction while hoping Dawn would shut up. After FINALLY getting Pokeballs, i made my way back to route 201 where i ran into a level 3 female Bidoof who i christened Grenda. after attempting to grind with Grenda i headed over to route 202 where i encountered a male level 5 shinx and named it Gigajoule. Unfortunately, however, while leveling up my new members on 202, Grenda met her tragic end while fighting another bidoof who seemed to have the critical hit fairy on his side. after releasing Grenda i continued training until my duo was up to scratch. upon entering Jubilife City, i proceeded north to Route 204 where i found a female budew who i nicknamed Floop. After a bit more grinding and a small bout with Trash.E on route 203, i encountered a lv 4 female Starly on said route who i named Birb. During our epic grind quest we made our way to the Oreburgh Gate where i encountered a male Zubat, naming it Knockturn in the process. (i did this because i wanted to do a Harry Potter reference and i also had a crobat in another run named Nocturne.)

Arriving in Oreburgh City, i went to route 207 where a female Geodude emerged and joined the cause, earning her new name Housewares. it was then i proceeded to grind for a VERY long period of time so i could get my league past level 17. The reason i did this was because Housewares gets magnitude at lv.15, both Gigajoule and Birb evolved, Knockturn got slightly better, and i went a bit further and got my turtwig [who needs to be renicknamed] to level 18 so it could evolve into Grotle.

When it came time to delete Roark, Floop demolished his onix and geodude with no issue after a growth boosted mega drain, but when Cranidos came in, Housewares brought the hurt with a magnitude NINE that one-shotted her fossil foe. With the Coal Badge in hand, we proceeded to Floaroma town, fortunately with no deaths.

We were looking pretty solid so far, but we lacked a water-type until the Valley Windworks where a lv 11 shellos appeared. After naming her Mitzi, we leveled her up a bit before telling off Team Failactic for ticking off a scientist. Commander Mars wasn't much trouble, but Mitzi almost lost her life after living Mars' Purugly's CRITICAL HIT fake out with THREE HP. Housewares came in to save the team, though, walling Purugly with no trouble. This is where i stop for now, but part 2 will eventually come in the near future.

-see you then.

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  1. Bulbasaur's Avatar
    Ooh good luck!

    There's also a Nuzlocke forum if you wanna post there too. :D
  2. Cleobel's Avatar
    @The Foogle Good luck with your Nuzlocke and merry Christmas! :D