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The Foogle

The Foogle's Platinum Nuzlocke part 3: Crusades Continue

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Been a bit but here's part 3, where i do the 4th and 5th gyms :3

the guys so far:

Twiggy [undead grotle]
Birb [staravia]
Makoto [meditite]
Mitzi [shellos]
Gigajoule [Luxio]
[none right now]

So where we left off i was makin my way to Solaceon after inventing the Postmortem Effect so as to bring back dead pokemon. Nothing really exciting happened during the road to Veilstone, but when we reached our destination, i proceeded to catch a Houndour on a nearby route, naming her Rhajat. She evolved not shortly afterwards, and it was then i began another long grinding period with my guys. i was somewhat worried about this route because there's a trainer called P.I. Carlos who has a lv 30 goldeen with horn drill. since horn drill can only hit lower level pokemon, i had to be very careful not to battle him yet until my pokemon were adequately raised.

During the grinding period, Mitzi evolved into gastrodon, Gigajoule became a Luxray, and Twiggy reached his peak as a Torterra. When i grind, i make sure all my team is the same level as the next gym leader's highest level pokemon, so since Maylene's lucario is lv 32, i ground until lv 32, so Birb didn't quite evolve yet. When it came time to battle Maylene we had literally no issue since Birb is a physical monster and i had e-quake on Twiggy to one-shot lucario.

With the Cobble badge in hand, we made our way downtown to Pastoria with caught pokemon but no new team members. Yet again it was time to grind, but this time, Birb evolved into staraptor, with the addition of Makoto evolving into medicham. The rival battle before Wake was no issue, same with Wake's Gym, but Wake himself was a bit cumbersome to defeat. His gyarados and quagsire were no biggie, but his floatzel was a wee bit of a problem. Bringing in Twiggy was going to be a no-go because Floatzel has Ice Fang, and Gigajoule probably wouldn't outspeed or tank any hits. I brought out Makoto, but his floatzel CRITICALED on brine, nearly killing makoto with 15 HP, but makoto's force palm burned through the sitrus berry floatzel had. I wanted makoto to live, so i figured Mitzi could handle floatzel, and she was more than capable of doing so. She decided to flex a bit by getting a critical mud bomb on floatzel, winning us the 5th gym badge. This is where part 3 ends, but there obviously will be more to come! (unless nobody really seems to care...)

The Guys right now: Twiggy, Birb, Mitzi, Makoto, Rhajat, Gigajoule

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  1. Cleobel's Avatar
    @The Foogle Thank you for posting this blog entry! Congratulations on getting new badges! I love your fully evolved team. :3 It looks like Wake's Floatzel was very difficult to defeat. Good luck with your adventure! o/